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(TF2 polycount pack contestants only)

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TF2/Polycount Final contestants

I tought it be cool to have all the finished submitted contest packs listed here so that it would be easier to see what we are dealing with.

If you finished and submitted the pack allegible to the contest, post your threads link here. Make sure The first post of your thread is all pimped up with the final stuff .

I'll try to follow the same concept of listing like on that old thread someone made and died somewhere.

Total (76)

Scout (8 ):
Cheeezy: Theme: "Suburban Scout"
BANG!: Theme: "BONK! Atomic punch!"
spetch: Theme: "The Special Delivery Pack"
ABCZZT: Theme: "Olympic"
Overgear: Theme: "Baseball"
Habboi: Theme: "Keystone Kops"
Sliferjam: Theme: "Headlines Journalism"
Mnemosynaut: Theme: "Bellhop Scoot"

Soldier (10):
Contrails: Theme: "Government Issue"
Elbagast: Theme: "The Airbourne Armaments"
lkimono: Theme: "Navy Pack"
Konras: Theme: "authority and discipline"
larolaro: Theme: "Tankbuster"
maniac: Theme: "World war 2"
Nzdjh: Theme: "World War II"
Zwebbie: Theme: "The Atomic Age"
re.wind: Theme: "Viking"
lthoual: Theme: "Weapons Prototypes"

Pyro (6):
Guitbox: Theme: "Gardenning"
GoLDeN: Theme: "2.0"
Norron: Theme: "The pyro's a Dirty Thief!"
Progg: Theme: "The Gas Man"
Sukotto: Theme: "Hawaiian Islands"
Pogo: Theme: "aeroplane bits"

Demoman (3):
Swizzle: Theme: "The Expert's Ordnance Pack"
crazy-g: Theme: "WAR! Reparations"
antTON: Theme: "Good old days"

Heavy (8 ):
Buck: Theme: "Battle worn items"
OpethRockr55: Theme: "Making use of what's around you"
Thrillho: Theme: "Comrades in Arms (or, Around the World with Communism!)"
Zwebbie: Theme: "Black Ops"
Ruskeydoo: Theme: "Big Chief Hibernating Bear"
EzMeow: Theme: "Cooking"
Monkeez: Theme: "El Gringo pack"
ianucci: Theme: "alien technology"

Engineer (10):
Communist Cake: Theme: "The Terrible Trucker"
oobersli: Theme: "Bigger is Better"
pyanodon: Theme: "Floral Defense - LucyCharm"
x-quake: Theme: "Texan Life"
Shmitz: Theme: "ELECTRIFYING!"
Gerre: Theme: "Hillbilly Pack"
Botchiball: Theme: "BBQ"
itsmadman: Theme: "mobility"
duoxan: Theme: "The Talented Musical Engineer"
Ryu Ookami: Theme: "Anti-Snip-R-2000"

Medic (11):
Smilax: Theme: "Military Medicine"
Swizzle: Theme: "The Field Medic's Tool Kit"
Screwonhed: Theme: "Der Frankengear"
Pierate: Theme: "Medieval weaponry"
randomteddybear: Theme: "things you wouldn't want to be impaled with"
Y_M: Theme: "Heavy duty medicine"
Thomas Truong: Theme: "The Second Opinion"
RossC: Theme: "Medical Precision Pack"
Betty Hime: Theme: "Shock Therapy"
Acumen: Theme: "Alternative Medicine"
CasketStudios: Theme: "Weapon Donor Medic"

Sniper (11):
Mad Mike: Theme: "Mad Max"
Nrek: Theme: "Croc-O-style"
Ravidge: Theme: "Outback Hunter"
ScudzAlmighty: Theme: "the Wrathfull update"
svdl: Theme: "Arabia style"
The Scrub: Theme: "The observer"
treythepunkid: Theme: "Aboriginal"
1Fort 2Fort: Theme: "Outback Aussie"
Xndr: Theme: "Robin Hood's Legend"
AAA_BATTERY: Theme: "big game hunter"
GoSsS: Theme: "Nganyayawana Tribe"

Spy (9):
Chemical Alia: Theme: "Saharan Spy"
EVIL: Theme: "Legacy"
DKK: Theme: "Quiet Killers Subterfuge Supplies"
Fragus: Theme: "Golden Flowers"
Frump: Theme: "Essential Espionage"
lanJ: Theme: "Detective"
MattQ86: Theme: "Anonymity"
Mico27: Theme: "Essential kit for clean killing"
StickFigs: Theme: "Ordinary Objects That are actually super-spy gadget (but are still pretty ordinary)"

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Battle worn items
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-edit- the Wrathfull update

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Outback Hunter
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Golden Flowers
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Bigger is Better - Engineer
Labyrinth of the Pig
Bigger is Better
Ghostbusters TF2 Theme
Joshua Opel
Lead Artist @ Cypress Inheritance
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MEDIC: The Field Medic's Tool Kit.

DEMO: The Expert's Ordnance Pack
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Soldier: The Airbourne Armaments
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Progg - Pyro: The Gas Man
Senior Environment Artist |
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Old (#10)

Suburban Scout
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Old (#11)

Heavy Weapons Guy: Comrades in Arms (or, Around the World with Communism!)
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Soldier theme: authority and discipline
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Solder theme: Government Issue
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Outback Aussie
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C'mon I know there are still some more out there who finished ;)
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Two that finished off the top of my head are nrek and larolaro. Can't get the links because I'm on my iPhone and it'd be too much of a hassle. I'll post more names as I think of them. It shouldn't be too hard to find their threads.
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Woo hoo, finally got mine done(ish)! I've got allt he models and textures, minus spec at the moment and any sort of interesting things like jigglebones.

Theme: The Pyro's a Dirty Thief!
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Engineer: Texan Life
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Engineer: The Terrible Trucker
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The Aboriginal Theme, for the sniper.
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Sniper: Nrek
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Soldier: The Atomic Age

Heavy: Black Ops

(Heavy pack still needs to be submitted, but it's pretty much done.)
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Sniper Theme: Croc-O-Style

Thx (Karkasmolenklok)
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BANG! - Scout:

svdl - Sniper:
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