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The time has come to submit your entries!

This thread is for the submission of MACE entries only. If you have any questions or comments, please post in the Q&A thread.

Submitting Your Entry
  • All submissions are to be showcased in a single jpeg. The image must contain a render of the final weapon with and without wireframe, and must display your diff and norm texture flats. This jpeg should be of a reasonable resolution.
  • This is a real-time challenge. You may use any real-time renderer (UDK, Crysis, etc.) but you must not use any post-processing effects or advanced (read: “fancy”) rendering techniques. Vigil wants to see your artwork as naturally as possible.
  • Within these threads you will post your weapon of choice, your name, and your image.
  • Submissions must be made to the submission thread no later than 11:00am CST on March 26, 2012

Judging & Winner Announcements

Judging for this contest will happen in 3 parts.
  1. Once the submission deadline is reached the submissions threads will be closed. The Top 3 weapons for each category will be chosen by Vigil.
  2. Finalists will be contacted by email to submit their assets for final review (No source files required.)
  3. The Top 3 weapons for each category will be posted to Darksiders’ Facebook page, where fans of Darksiders will be able to vote on which weapon they would like to see in Darksiders II.
One artist per weapon/entry only. An artist may submit an entry for each of the 3 categories.
The winners will be announced on the Darksiders Facebook page and Polycount once the voting has ended and Vigil is ready to announce the winners.
One weapon from each category will be chosen to be included in the ship of Darksiders II.

Good luck to you all!

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Progress Thread - Habboi

Good luck everyone.
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mfrederick - progress

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Progress thread

Mace - Angelic - Glenatron

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Demon mace - Jeebs
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grisQwin | Angelic mace | Progress Thread |

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Progress Thread
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Max's Recycle Bin
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Old (#8)
Walgrind/ Angelic Mace Progres Thread

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AimBiZ - Kingdom of the Dead - Mace

Progress Thread

Meshbin Turnaround

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Haiasi - Crow Temple - Mace

WIP Thread

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Old (#11)
Darksiders Core Mace | Piflik

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Old (#12)
MathewO - Progress Thread
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Kraken - Mace - Kingdom of dead

progress thread:

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Old (#14)
Wip thread

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Core Mace - GummiEnte

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Kingdom of the dead Mace


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Doyen - Demonic Mace
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Fritzzz - Mace - Darksiders Core

Progress Thread

Frazer Richardson - Environment Artist
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Progress thread-

Marmoset -redner

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Old (#21)
Progress Thread

Good luck everyone!
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Old (#23)

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Sukotto - Angelic Mace
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DmanD10 - Darksiders Core - Mace
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