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  • Posts Tagged ‘Video’

    Peter K goes over an interesting work around to fix details that normally skew when baking normal maps [...]

    2:00am Nov 26th by Mark Dygert

    Jonathan “djoexe” Vallieres has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on his latest project [...]

    10:15am Jan 14th by Mark Dygert

    Simon “ixenoni” Fuchs wrote up a great tutorial about creating glass in CryENGINE3. For those that like moving pictures, there is also a video tutorial [...]

    10:00am Nov 23rd by Mark Dygert

    The Purchase Brothers recently released the long awaited sequel to Escape From City 17. Fan films don’t get much better than this. [...]

    4:03pm Sep 10th by Sean VanGorder

    If you like God of War, profanity and industry anecdotes… [...]

    7:34pm Sep 8th by Sean VanGorder

    The team at 343 Industries isn’t sparing many details on the upcoming Halo 4, but they did release this concept art video at PAX Prime. [...]

    12:09pm Aug 29th by Sean VanGorder

    Epic has just released the August 2011 version of UDK, loaded with shiny new features, along with a video to show them off. [...]

    8:48pm Aug 23rd by Sean VanGorder

    DICE’s Kenny Magnusson gives an in depth look into all the technical details that make up the beautiful Frostbite 2 engine. [...]

    9:14am Aug 23rd by Sean VanGorder