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  • Posts Tagged ‘steam’

    Michael Abrash has posted his slide set from his talk on virtual reality at the Valve Dev Days event at his blog. As he notes, it also includes all the text of his talk as well. 

    Joe Ludwig’s slides, he also discussed VR, are also linked at his blog

    1:40pm Jan 20th by r13

    Create custom content for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare [...]

    5:56pm Nov 11th by Sean VanGorder


    The folks at Runic have just released GUTS, their Torchlight 2 editor. [...]

    9:30am Apr 2nd by adam

    The long rumored applications section of Steam has gone live. It, ironically enough from our own point of view, is stocked first with 3D apps. [...]

    10:46pm Oct 2nd by r13

    Tom Bui from Valve is going to be giving a talk about Greenlight: Valve’s Community Managed Steam Indie Portal [...]

    11:00am Sep 13th by Mark Dygert

    Valve has uploaded a character and texturing guide for the Dota2 community on the Steam Workshop page for Dota2. [...]

    11:10am Jun 16th by r13

    Civilization V, the world conquering RTS, is about to launch in a few days on Steam. However, today, the game’s integration to the Steam Workshop was turned on. [...]

    10:47am Jun 16th by r13