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  • Posts Tagged ‘Blizzard’

    The smoke, the fluid and the facial acting, wow. Nicely done Blizzard [...]

    8:00am Aug 21st by Mark Dygert

    Blizzard released the opening Cinematic for Heart of the Swarm [...]

    8:00am Jan 22nd by Mark Dygert

    The Portrait of a Champion Contest is Coming Soon [...]

    10:00am Feb 22nd by Mark Dygert

    Get an in-depth look at what went into creating Blizzard’s latest Diablo III cinematic. [...]

    11:59pm Oct 27th by Sean VanGorder

    Blizzard have recently released new footage and details of the “Followers” system in Diablo III. [...]

    2:09am May 15th by Hamish Bode
    11:00pm Oct 17th by adam