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Hey Guys,

This character was inspired by the League of Legends champion Talon. I ran with the name and tried to echo elements of birds of prey into his leather armour. The colour palette came from the plumage of a red falcon.

5548 tri's
1024 diffuse/spec

I'll most likely get some other poses done soon, as always crits and ideas welcomed!

Hope you like it

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How has this not gotten any attention. Great character, the painted textures look awesome. I cant think of anything to critique this on. Great work
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Man love this the style is awesome probably in part to the massive amounts of blades :P great stuff.

IMO it would suck to have that cape though when your charecter runs it looks like the weight of the blades on the bottom of the cape would keep it weighted down to the ground causing the charecters back legs to hit the blade everytime he runs.

never the less I still love this
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That's a very amazing work there!
I would say that maybe his arms are a little bit too long but that's about the only thing i can see.
Otherwise pretty nice texture job,

Can we see a wireframe please
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Amazing work. Maybe we can use him as a talon skin for LoL

Could we see some wires/flats?
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really nice work overall I kinda wish there were more color-variations just to check out how it looks ^^
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Looking nice Beats, your improving way too fast :P
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nice work man, really like it

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Ace texture work. Fingers and arms look a tad long, and the forearm appears broken - looks like the bicep moved there.

Looking forward to some nice mid-air-strike poses
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Cheers for the comments guys!

Yeah I was originally going to push the proportions more towards the style of Scarecrow from Rock Steady's Batman series. Once I'd modeled the armour he became a little more bulked out than intended and had not really noticed just how long the forearms and fingers are.

@michaelmilette - Yeah the metal on the cloak certainly ways it down, but I wanted to bring elements of the original concept of Talon from League of Legends. During his attacks he utalizes these as he flares the cloak.

@chrisradsby - I think I'll have a whirl at more variation in colour throughout the texture. I think bringing colder colours into the shadows will help, and some warm tones into the highlights of the metal.

@whw - I'll make some tweaks and then hopefully have some cooler poses!

Again.... great to hear such positive feedback from you all

Here's the texture and a quick grab of the wireframe, will work on my presentation of these for my portfolio ;)

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Damn those are some efficient uvs, nicely done. I'd revisit the hands and arms though, anatomy is kind of weak there.
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Cool character, the textures are looking nice! The only thing thats really throwing me off with this are the arms. It looks like his forearms are bending off at a weird angle, and the upper arm looks very short in proportion.
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Nice work! Bring on the next character....
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Wow, nice job! Texturing looks ace. I agree about the comments on the arms and fingers... a bit of adjusting should help. By the way, I'm pretty positive my sister Rita met you at SXSW in Austin this past March... she mentioned meeting a character artist by your name. I forget which bar/club. But anyways, sorry to get off topic. Continue on with your awesome character
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@Rion411 - haha such a small world! Yeah I remember her saying she had a brother who is a character artist. Say hello for me.

I'll be making some changes to the arms and fingers, work on the skin texture and get a much stronger pose (skinning was rushed and I got lazy).

I'm close to finishing the mesh on my next character so I'll start a WIP thread for a change and get crit at an earlier stage

Cheers as always for taking a look at my work!
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haha, small world indeed... will do!

Looking forward to your updates as well as your next character!
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Fantastic! Do you have any plans to possibly convert it to a custom skin for use on LoL? I know LeagueCraft would eat this up.
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Dude! I really like how you incorporated the bird elements into the scene. What kind of render setup do you have?
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@nkonstantino - cheers mate. I'll look into League Craft. Don't know anything about it.

@KennyTies - cheers for the comments. It's a real time render in the marmoset toolbag.
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