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Im starting an project and I will need help with that, Im looking for people able to help for free but after release I can propose profit share.

Im looking for people with skills in UDK (to make levels in iOS supported udk )
Im looking for people with skills in 3ds Max to make 3d objects for levels (opponents, items, etc.) and import to UDK iOS

If anybody is interested to starting from scratch in free time just write me PM
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Ohoy speedy, lemme give you a few tips!

First off, none really believes the 'I can propose profit share', and it generally doesn't look very good. So a better idea might be to present the actual project, and see if someone would be interested in joining it.

If the idea is good enough, then people will probably join in anyway

Also, you haven't really said what your part in the whole thing is. This all basically makes it look like this:

Some boss, with no experience, having the best idea ever for a game, which then gathers a bunch of skilled professionals, who work for free ofc. They make the most awesome game ever, and a big company comes forward after seeing their blog, saying 'here, have all our money!' and then it's equally split between the people who worked on it.

I believe I've seen something like it before. Mind you, something like it, not exactly the same. So it's a great and original idea.

I still believe however, that a better way of going about it, might be to introduce the project itself, and then seeing if someone is interested in working on it, for the fun of it, rather than the money.

Posting it in the correct part of the forum is probably a good idea too. I believe this part is meant for an already existing project between the polycounters themselves. Although looking at the posts in this part of the forum, I could be wrong. So take that last one with a grain of salt.


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thx for constuctive kick in the ass i like that, but tell me if i wrote the project details public on forums how can i be sure that they wont do it without me ?
I understand fun but i dont need fun, i need passionate people with skills that want something more than selling their TIME=LIFE for working somewhere and some day? maybe ? they will get rich in next 40 years but guess what, wheelhair cant fit to lamborgini.(daily work is more risky than one shot project that might run like a rocket for a life time, whether it is worth considering?)
I want to gather people if they cant gather themselfs i want to do something great.
what my part is?
I would do everything on my own but i get old when i will be professional in all bunch of software and experience thats why i need people to speed up and share profits (its better than work everyday like a slave)
in the end of my reply please tell me should i write on Requests or in
Freelance jobs to get it right?
i will try your advice with detailed project on one forum and will see.
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Hey! I'm looking for some project to work on. I can model and texture hard surface/ environment/ vehicles in 3ds max, ready for UDK. I'm not good with characters, just not my strongest side. I would love to participate in this project, let me know if I can be of use.

I like this part ,,I want to gather people if they cant gather themselfs i want to do something great." Haller at me man!
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EDIT: holy shit i just replied to an ancient post. WOOPS.

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