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Game Title: Y=-1,000,000,000,000 (or Y-N-O-T for short)
Game Type: First Person Shooter


You are Charlie -- a run-of-the-mill, cigar chompin', hard-core action video game hero armed with one hell of a hand cannon. One day, you are called upon to engage an unknown enemy force in the dark nether-dungeons in the alpha version of the video game Killer Schmucks. But just as you're about to waste a guy, you fall through a hole in the floor collider. You radio "headquarters" as you fall aimlessly through the gray nothing that is the Unity test area. No response.
Two weeks later, your trademark cool has descended into space madness. You've got an itchy trigger finger and yoga only pisses you off. Then suddenly, there it is. Something. Getting closer in the distance. Now rapidly it's becoming a floor.
Kazaaaam! You land with a thunderous crash -- unharmed (after all, you're a superhero).
But where are you?
You check your wrist-mounted datapad: Y= -1,000,000,000,000. Fascinating.

The world is built of old forgotten meshes that have fallen through the terrain above and landed here on this world. It is inhabited by NPCs who have suffered the same fate. The goal, save the NPCs from "The Engineer", a cruel NPC who rules the world with an iron fist from the "Engine".

It's a game of treachery, salvation, and shooting people. And it has an interesting way that no matter what skill level you are as a modeler, we can use whatever you can provide.

What do you think? Does anyone want to hear more or is this a bad idea?
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Clever! I like the idea of the Y= -1billion and forgotten assets. Maybe instead of what sounds like a duke nukem type of protagonist, a low poly old-school NES type of character would work better. Since the games of the old days are being forgotten as is!
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Well, here's more of the idea.

Basically, when you land, the world is totally gray and full of primitive colliders. In fact, the first level is The Primitive Forest. Then, as you progress through the game, more and more objects begin to have firstly color and then full texture.

Every sprite in video games is low poly (or should be), but I get your point. As long as the main character and his three companions are something that is visually interesting to stare at for eighteen hours, I'm good.
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