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A while ago I wanted to make some little low-poly retro versions of Mass Effect characters. I was gonna do like 3, at most. But I got carried away, so here's a whole bunch of them.

I was originally going to render these at a very low texture resolution, but I got too attached to my 512x512 work textures, so I kept them in there. I still put up an additional version of the scene with all characters at 128x128, because that was originally the point after all. You can see that version in the third and fourth pic down.

After that there's some individual closeups.

PS: Yeah I know it's a bit of a mix and match of different versions of the characters from different installments in the series, but I didn't take it that seriously, so there. :P

PPS: Crits of course very welcome and appreciated!

And here's the version with the textures reduced to 128x128:

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i would SO play this game. They all look amazing! great work
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Wow, these are great. I can see why you're attached to the 512 maps too, very clean stuff. Love the Garrus one.
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Wow this looks great man! Really made my night seeing this.
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Amazing. I love it.
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awesome work man
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Lovely stuff! Garrus getting a missile to the face is awesome.
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Old (#8)
My face just lit up. Thanks for the smiles!
Lucas Annunziata
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Old (#9)
OMG look at little Thane!
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I do think it would be perfectly acceptable to use a 256 map for the low res one since the reaper is around 4x the size of the other characters. The drop in texel density there is the only thing that pops out to me.

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Old (#11)
My first reaction was "D'awwwwwww"

Awesome scene, good use of the characters and really well done. I'm gonna use the first shot as my wallpaper at work.
Kyle Parsons
Character Artist - EA Canada
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Very well done! I love it!
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Old (#13)
You just won Polycount. Thanks for playing!
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Old (#14)
oh my god awesome! Agree with cholden you just won!
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Old (#15)
omg amazingggg !! <3 I love all of them xD honestly I really can't pick one favorite haha
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Old (#16)
holy crap these are so amazing and cute!!!!!

These so need to be put into a working game. . .

p.s. I love how you've captured the characters with poses and props!
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Old (#17)
yeah man these are great!
character artist
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Old (#18)
If you do an Ashley I would literally throw money at you! These are pure awesome.
Marquis Houghton, Environment Artist
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Old (#19)
Hoooleeyyyy SH*T that is awesome! You possess some mad painting skills, pal. You could make even a single cube look absolutely ridiculously detailed with those textures!

Saved for inspiration folder!

PS: That mini-Liara is the cutest thing in the web ever.
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Old (#20)
wow very funny!
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Old (#21)

Really gorgeous work. Your flats are amazing to look at even without the model. Ace job on this!
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Old (#22)
This is so awesome-fantastic-omgkawaiidesu at the same time! And look at Liara! *_*
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Old (#23)
omg that is awesome!
mini wrex looks badass
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Old (#24)
love those details!!
i want those minis for my desk
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Old (#25)
These are awesome. I love all of them. Fantastic work! ^_^
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