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Old (#26)
epic!!! Now thaats cool!
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Old (#27)
Waow there ! Awesome concepts!
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Old (#28)
That's ridiculous hawkprey.

Great work dude.
Benjamin Darling

Reflex - In development competitive arena fps combining modern tech with the speed, precision and freedom of 90's shooters.
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Old (#29)
Awesome stuff! Nice to see a new post from you.
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Old (#30)
I really have no words to say what i´m felling seeing this images.... S2
"Um dia eu prometo que termino..."
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Old (#31)
Thanks for sharing, man! That's flippin' dope! Love to see concept artists utilizing 3d to their benefit and congrats on wrapping the trilogy, buds.

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Old (#32)
I've always loved how resourceful the Locus are. Vehicles? We don't need no vehicles, just strap something on that giant bug over there.
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Old (#33)
Ourse were called horses. ;)

I can't say much else about the concept art that hasn't been said.

p.s. When can we marvel at these scenes ingame on a pc? *wink*
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Old (#34)
Wait, Hawkprey lives?

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Old (#35)
Gas barge is amazing!
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Old (#36)
any chance to get higher res pics?
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Old (#37)
So bad ass dude!!! Glad you posted your awesome stuff. Seriously guys for every image he posted he has like a truck load of other kick ass stuff. . Some amazing amazing concepts that are not posted here.
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Old (#38)
awesome work man!
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Old (#39)
Love the Loader, turned out great ingame.

Awesome stuff!
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Old (#40)
Hawkprey, it's a joy to see your work up on here. On a professional level, you helped show the way for a lot of concept artists about the value of doing 3d mockups --> paintovers, I still think that anyone not doing that is in the wrong industry. Super bonus that you got Shane's stuff up in the same post, too. Gears 3 is a visual feast, it goes without saying.

Don't be a stranger next game release
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Old (#41)
I think I'm going to need more space on my disk Amazing work, Jay!
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Old (#42)
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Old (#43)
These concept art pieces are just bananas. Really love them. Any chance we'd be able to see concept pieces of maps?
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