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For the past 3 and half years I've been working at id Software on a little game called RAGE. Now that it's out I can share with the people of Polycount some of the work I put in


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Awesome stuff. I haven't had the time to play the game yet. But seeing all this artwork makes me want to play. Love the high poly work.
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amazing works dude love dat second car(?)
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What.... ANOTHER rage thread?! Too much awesome xD Also, this thread is for n88tr - appreciate!!
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Fack thats amazing!
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impressive stuff man good job
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Hell yeah joey, don't stop!
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yes, another rage dump! oh snap!
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A.K.A Virtuosic -- Demo Reel --

3DMotive Releases
Advanced Mesh Paint with UDK -- UDK Materials Part 1 --Tileable Textures in Zbrush

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I'm worried if I see the wireframes I may fall into a coma.
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Ahhhhhhh yaaa. Great stuff!
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Excellent work. I too would love to see the wireframes!
And congrats on the game's release
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amazing work! Very nice work. orgasmic.
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Brilliant work! Awesome that we get to see most of these up close in the game as well.
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struve congrats on shipping the game, and thank you for posting so much work. with the sheer amount of art in the game that came from polycount that's showing up on polycount now, the rest of us have a whole lot fewer excuses for not getting our high poly bakes as good as these. consistently high quality work, you should feel proud.
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it's all just so beautiful. I absolutely can't wait until I get to do my first pro thread with my TFormers: FoC stuffz Thanks SO MUCH for taking the times to share these!

fuggin saved!
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awesome awesome awesome work................
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endless badassery! Its great to see your stuff up man! and yep... thats a ton of work
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Awesome work dude, cant tell you how much I appreciate that you share your work with the rest of the community. The cars and engine are my favorite assests <3.
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amazing stuff, great work on the vehicles. Really enjoying the game so far.

Any chance to see some flats?

Thanks for posting all that work
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Love everything about these. Ace!
Valdemar NyhlÚn - Environment artist at Avalanche NYC
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