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edit 2:

Done I guess


high poly progress


So, following up from the Brawl competition, I thought about working on a re-imagined Luigi after some people brought it up. I ended up with this concept:

His jealousy of Mario and his success turned him to a life of alcohol and drugs, where he developed heavy mental damage and severe paranoia causing him to believe that ghosts are attacking him. He fights them off with his trusty Henry Hoover.

I figure making a W.I.P thread will force me to actually push forward with this and show progress....sooo.....progress on the model soon!

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Hahaha nice concept! Poor luigi!
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sweet concept mister, if it turns out half as well as Mario it will be ace.
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That concept is brilliant, can't wait to see this progress.
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I'm so psyched to see this happen.

*sets concept as wallpaper*
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hahaha looks awesome :P
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Oh man, this is awesome, glad you're going through with it and I'm definitely watching your progress on this.
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Nice! Maybe throw up some images from you Brawl entry here so people can see where this is headed, for those who aren't aware of the awesome that is your Mario.
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"The artist formerly known as suburbbum"
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Looking forward to seeing where this is headed! Tremendous concept
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Hillarious concept, can't wait to see how it turns out
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hahahahahaha FREAKING ACE! rad song too
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haha brilliant concept. I can't wait to see more!
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Dude, I am so happy you decided to do this!
thank you!
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Do it do it do it to it
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Originally Posted by suburbbum View Post
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awesomeness fletch !!!
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i love it!
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Hahaha! Such an awesome concept!
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Awesome as usual

I bet if Nintendo went with this art direction, the franchise would take off again

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awesome works
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Love your work. Will follow this thread closely
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epic !
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Look forward to seeing more of this, your Mario was awesome.
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