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Hate to resort to a character that is more of a "cameo" in a fighting game more than an actual fighter, but I just liked the idea of a really gritty Mario, so I got started this weekend:

Will add the hat of course, but just liked how much more menacing he looked without it!

Also, once the colors go in he should be more recognizable.

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Hehe, this is gonna be great I'm sure.
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wow im sure this will be great! go fletch
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Man that's what I call a Mario redesign!

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Shizzzle! Beast of an idea!
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haha love the idea, great proportions so far so all i can say is gimme sum 3d goodness ^^
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concept looks great so far!
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Dude! Cannot wait to see this in 3D... I am in concept heave here... and the "Come ere love i'll fix yer fucking pipes".... reminds me of Lahndahn.
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Geez, how am I supposed to win this thing when people like you come up with stuff like this? lol, no seriously, this looks like it'll be a lot of fun.
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Pulling out the big guns this year I see. Can't wait to see this!
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wonderful! make sure there is butt crack galore.
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This is amazing! I love the concept art and idea. Definitely watching this.
Zane Devon
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Looks absolutely mint mate. Can't wait to see what the sculpts going to look like.
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Ron Jeremy isn't in a fighting game.

I kid, I kid, it looks fantastic as of now.
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Haha awesome concept! Cant wait to see it man!
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Guy Ritchie Mario! I love it!
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:O love it! can't wait
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Looks like it will be a cool model - especially all his little tools on his belt.
I told this to some guy who is making an older, retired Andy Bogard - maybe just give him a red/blue beanie instead of a full fledged hat. People still know it's Mario with the colors, the mustache, and outfit. Just an idea, will be cool for sure either way!
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JFletch your stuff is ALWAYS fresh and original, thanks for your inspiration.
Jackson Robinson
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Awesome concept, undoubtly. I'll be watching this.
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Absolutely gorgeous! Subscribed!
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Thanks everyone, good to hear.

Man this weekend went by fast, well here it is colored:

Barely managed to upload it, need to get a real connection soon (edit: just testing posting from phone.)

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awesome! i'm really liking this, such a cool take on a legendry character.
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Awesome... keep it up
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