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My favorite fighter is Scorpion from MK. I'd like to make him in a post-apocalyptic style. His armor would be made of different junk.

Latest update:

Wallpaper (just for fun)

Final shots:


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First concept:
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this thread needs more attention!

GL bro!
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Yeah, looks like a cool idea.
Are you going for a realistic look or something more stylized (like borderlands etc)?
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scorpion my favorite fighter too )
glad to see you
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yay-fallout style!
Will be very interesting to watch your progress!

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Liking this already.
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its look promising )
can't wait to see the final

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Holy daaamn, that's a nice concept. I'd never considered anything even remotely similar before, but that looks great and retains that oh-so-familiar feeling Scorpion's got to him.

Will be watching. (Damnit this really makes me want to go pick up Fallout 3.)
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good luck dud!!, you're monster too ;) your thread are in my favor...
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Thanks, guys, for your words! It was very inspiration for me.

I downloaded demo of Mortal Kombat 9 for inspiration...and...omg! I was away from our world in last several was awesome! But right now I am still with you, guys!

Micky Pain: I think render will be in realistic style, not such as in Borderlands.

It is fast sculpt. I think with armor plate on torse and back it will be even more interesting.
Also I want to make one his hand with some cool mutation (apocalypse, etc, radiation)
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I love this so much. Looking great!
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Badass take on the character.
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Man, you master of the faces!
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This is looking sweet. Very cool design and awesome sculpting so far.
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Man, i love that shot of just the head itself. It almost makes me feel like you're going to ruin that slimmed look with the overlay of those tires and spikes on his body. I love your current design, but it'd even be cool just to see him with a custom design in the fabric rather than slapping some rubber on his chest.

This is still awesome regardless. Very cool dude.
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why isnt your thread flooded with comments? Man this looks great. I love the direction and the idea that one of his hands is mutated will make it look even better.

That's just a blockout sculpt for the body right?
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Really nice work on the hood cloth so far!
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Wow, solid sculpting man! Your anatomy and cloth is spot on!
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Great that you like it!

Wester,yes, it was blockout, that I retopology and made new blockout, that looks like this one. But - I think - it will be change soon. At least I will add asymmetry and mutating one hand.

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Old (#22)
nice work.

keep up the good work

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iam totally diggin the style of this
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i like how your are treating the yellow accent pieces on the respirator and tire armor like spray paint. nice sculpt.
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Great work so far....waiting for more. Keep it up
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