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I am currently working on my finial year project for my creating computer game design course in Swansea University.
my assignment is to create a video game on my own to help showcase my skills I have developed from the course.

For the game I chose to go for a 2.5D platform game but wanted to add a twist, the twist is that you do not control the player. the player is constantly walking through the level and you must clear hazards that are in the way so he can reach the end of the level.

I am currently about 5 months into the development of this game, the majority of the game is complete at this stage. the coding is all finished apart from some minor tweaks here and there through the rest of the development.
The modelling and texturing is mostly complete, with all the main set pieces finished, only finishing touches are needed.

Below is a video of the beta stage of my game to show how it is progressing, please feel free to leave any comments, criticisms or ideas as i would really appreciate some honest opinions.

Environment Artist - The Chinese Room