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It has been a long time coming and I would like to be the first to publicly welcome you to Blizzard Entertainment. Paul will be joining our NextGen MMO team.

See you soon man!

Kenny Carvalho
Art Recruiter - Riot Games
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LOL I'm sure he never even goes to this forum but grats anyway!
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Still get a boner when looking at his work for quake 4. Guy is nuts.
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Welcome to the team !
Lead Character Artist on Overwatch @ Blizzard Entertainment
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The new game must be M rated!

So awesome, can't wait to see.
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Old (#7)
Congratz paul!
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Old (#8)
Congrats!! Man, you guys are recruiting everyone from my inspiration bookmarks!! XD
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Old (#9)
i'm buying this next title!

him and KP can be in kahootz together now.
Digital Sculptor -Available for Freelance
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Old (#10)
awesome, I looove looooove paul's line drawings of all his props, and his darksiders art makes me pop a massive chub. cant wait to see it all in the darksiders art book!

Congrats! - Portfolio
Level Artist - FarCry 4 - Ubisoft Montreal
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Old (#11)
Jesus man... Pauls stuffs amazing. I have both of his sketchbooks he had up for offer. They are great. Can't wait to see lesbian demons with 8 sided dildos shooting demon pumpkins out of cock tanks... FUCK YEAH!!!!

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Old (#12)
Whut?!?! Obviously my schmoozing of him at Blizzcon sealed the deal! Either that or he joined in spite of my meddling. Regardless, it's awesome to have him aboard!
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Old (#13)
Good stuff man, congrats!

Is it just me or has blizzard been hiring a lot of artists recently? Something must be goin' down!
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Old (#14)
Paul's work is mind blowing! good for him!
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Old (#15)
Paul is such a talented guy and he now he joins one amazing talented team. Cant wait to see Blizzards new project with all these amazing artists working on it

congratz Paul!
Anthony Vaccaro - Portfolio - Twitter
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Loved his work for Quake4!

Doubt he even browses PC tho? GL
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Old (#17)
Thanks, all! I troll on Polycount from time to time, but I'd feel like a real knob if I didn't say thanks to everyone on this thread and express my excitement for being part of this phenomenal team.

Also, since I didn't get much of a chance to say 'bye' to folks at Vigil, I want to again voice my admiration for everyone I worked with there. Some folks I wasn't able to interact with on my last afternoon, who are REALLY kicking ass there in the character department :

-Lee Strauss
-Gray Ginther
-Brian "BoBo" Jones
-Brian King
-Tohan Kim

I feel like I never got a chance to really tell you how talented I think you all are, and how honored I was to have collaborated with you.
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Old (#18)
Awesome for Paul I was wondering when the hell he was going to get snatched up.
Big congrats!
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Old (#19)
jesse sosa
Art Director
Samsung Games
owner - creative director
Dinosaur Games
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Old (#20)
So awesome. I love looking at his work for inspiration.
Environment Artist | Visceral Games
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Old (#21)
Paul glad to see you joined up. Maybe you could drop some art hotness from time to time in here. I know many of us would love it

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Old (#22)
Congrats Mr Richards.

The level of talent you have on that team now is quite honestly mind-blowing. I'm not exaggerating when I say in my opinion you literally have the best artists in the world on that team.

Mildly disappointed for Vigil now Josh Singh and Paul Richards are gone, hopefully they injected enough of their awesome into DS2 and the upcoming 40K MMO before they left.

But yeah, big fan of Pauls art, just this minute got a shipping notification from Amazon re the Darksiders art book!
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Old (#23)
Oh, wow. Congrats! Of course, his work is so amazing. I can't wait to see what he comes up with for Blizzard. Yeah, I was wondering the same thing about Vigil.
Twitter: @davidtschultz
Environment Artist. Red Storm Entertainment
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Old (#24)
goddam. Surprised it took this long haha. Grats dude.
edit: is there a list of all the recent blizz hires?

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Old (#25)
Awesome news for Blizzard! Congrats Paul on joining an already deadly team of guy's need to leave some for the rest of us:P

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