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Hello everybody!

My name is Ilya Nedyal, I've been working in game industry quiet a while without having a normal portfolio site.
Finally after a long time and lots of renders i made it I'm showing here a few work samples, buts its really just a small part of what i have on website.
If any studios looking for an artist with my skills, I'm available right now.


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nice pieces! loving the clear and simple presentation too
Benjamin Darling

Reflex - In development competitive arena fps combining modern tech with the speed, precision and freedom of 90's shooters.
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really good work. Any incite on your workflow for the props section? those pieces look great
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one of the best modelers i know

you finally got the port up huh?

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amazing work!
and a really nice and clean site too
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wow intense stuff great work!
"The blacksmith and the artist reflect it in thier art. Forge their creativity closer to the heart YEAH! Its closer to the heart!"

Vageta whats your scouter read about this model?

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I think "awesome" doesn't quite cover it, good website too

If I might make a suggestion, that is if you haven't already...
Ye Olde Portfolio | Google+ | #1GAM | Aspiring indie developer.
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Hey Ilya, lovely work man.It's great to see such a large amount of work from you, I never knew you worked at Streamline even.
Also, I didn't know you worked on Crashday; what did you make for that game? I modded that game so much: it's what got me started with 3D 4 years ago.

Oh and I second applying at Epic! That would truly make you an example for me (not that kicking my ass in the GA compo's wasn't enough for that :p)

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Hey guys, thanks for all nice replies
If Epic would hire me I would love to work for them heh, even thought I made some work for their games already.
Xoliul hey, Crashday was one of my first commercial games, even thought I received payment for it after few years the game was released. I created a red car (Modified Ford Mustang) which is on game box, and a Honda CRX, and helped with Nissan sport car. - Ilya Nedyal / 3D Artist
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Awesome looking stuff you got there! Do you mind sharing the specs for the different pieces?
Tor Frick, artyarty @ Machinegames
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Very impressive!
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Great to see you finally got the folio up Ilya, was always a pleasure working on some of the projects at streamline and seeing what you'd contribute

I'm sure you'll be snapped up in no time.
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Amazing portfolio, great presentation and lots of impressive work.

Are you purely an off-site contract worker, or would you relocate for an in-house job abroad?
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Old (#14)
Really cool stuffs, very inspiring.
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So much art, very nice indeedy
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So much inspirational work, ahh! Bookmarked for sure.
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What texture sizes are you using on average?

i wish i was given time to make assets like that. Very impressed +50pts.

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Wow, friggin, awesome, work.
Brandon McCready - Gameloft Toronto
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Old (#19)
Worst shit I ever saw in my life......

Oh, did I mention I was lying! Great stuff man. I love that first piece, perfect amount of detail.
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Old (#20)
Wow you have a very good Idea of Vehicles "Anatomy" , eyerything looks possible.
Hope to get that goood as you.
Good luck for Job search.
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Old (#21)
Brilliant portfolio, nice high res images to take in

I'm sure you'll land something very soon! | My portfolio and blog
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Old (#22)
That is some very beautiful work, and I love your portfolio layout!
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Old (#23)
Absolutely incredible work!

Really inspiring stuff and quite honestly some of the best modeling I have seen. Ever.

Texture work is phenomenal too, so many vehicles I see are 'quite' well textured, yours are next level stuff!

Keep it up and good luck with the job hunt, I'm sure you'll have no problem getting hired!
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wow. Its stuff like this that makes me take a hard look at myself and think wtf am i doing.

really great stuff.

oooo i just saw the rest of your site. double whammy. inspirational stuff.

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Serozh Sarkisyan
Environment Artist
Infinity Ward
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