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So yeah.
This is the Unreal Developer Kit Master Thread.

You can throw your questions in here, as this will be a sticky.

For starters..

Did you know you can now paint vertex maps on static meshes inside UDK?
Here is the link: pedro amorim portfolio digital playground
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I did not know about that vertex map painting feature. That is hot!

I've never jumped into Unreal Editing before. I will be experimenting with this new UDK release in the coming weeks, and hopefully a lot of questions will be answered here. I'll go ahead and kick it off...

I understand that UE3 allows for importing of Collada files. What is the usual procedure for exporting animated meshes into the Collada format to be compatible with UE3? (How many bones per vertex, shape key support, labels, bounding boxes, etc...)
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i dunno isn't that thread pretty much covered in the unreal engine 3 thread? its not like this is another engine, its the same, with all the features productions have for quite some time, so why split them up?
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Why the separate map? :P It`s not like it`s a different engine..
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UDK forums
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Yeah the mesh paint tool is awesome. Easy to set up as well.

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Yeap, this is gonna be fun. Also, I am sick of stupid FileShack. I will put it somewhere else... with more speed and no waiting in lines.
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If no one likes waiting in line here is a link ::UDK::
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That other thread is massive enough as it is. UDK is going to be a whole different wave of problems that arise. I agree that there should be a separate forum for it, I'm just not sure Polycount is the place for it :P
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Anyone having trouble installing I am. I have tried a whole host of troubleshooting suggested at the UDK forums and figured I would see if anyone here could help.

I start the install as administrator and it stops about halfway through with "UNsetup" has stopped working....

Any suggestions would be much appreciated Thanks!!!

Okay so I reinstalled as admin and on a different drive and got it to work

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this seams to be a redundant sticky... (there is plenty already, but two for the same engine...)
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Flipped Y/Z in OBJ exporter (so Maya has a chance). Max needs FlipYZ checkbox checked.
This was a problem I found with my UED Mambo MelScript... which I think is now broken because they fixed it.
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Speedtree won't start
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Ooh, just what Tech Talk needs... more stickies.
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Speedtree hang up
win 7 x64
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noob question, how do you turn on the SSAO? or is it already on but not real time?
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I did a major update to my website, all UDK Development related:

UDK Tutorials - How to make meshes that can be shot into pieces using the Fracture Mesh system. - Introduction to using the LightMass system. - How to use soft physics in UE3.

UDK Jobs
I launched a new Jobs page, and it aims entirely at UDK jobs -
Anyone can send me their "job" openings for their UDK projects, and I will get them posted. The only requirement is that your project must either have something done already (demonstrate it is not just a dream), or you must be able to pay the person for the work he does. This to ensure a minimum level of quality.
An example - The Haunted is looking for a programmer -

This is brand new. So what it basically is, is Unreal Kismet scripts or a bunch of actors, converted to text, and pasted on my website. You can then look through my library, and find what you need, copy it, and paste it directly into editor.
It allows you to quickly paste in a setup, and most importantly learn from how the examples have been made.

For example:

The Ball
We created a demo build of our game The Ball for Epic's UDK Release. That demo is one of the showcase projects of the UDK -

We are working hard on the full game right now, we hope to get it done in a couple of months. Follow our progress on our website and on Facebook - The demo has about 30 to 40 minutes of gameplay.
Unreal Engine Development Consultancy and Training - Videos/Tutorials/Portfolio
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Old (#19)
You turn it on in the post processing volume/world post processing options.
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Outstanding. Will definitely be going through the tutorials, as your previous UE3 tutorials were very useful. I've been wondering about workflow for destructible environment objects quite a bit lately, and this looks like an ideal approach. Great introduction to Lightmass, too. Well done.
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Many thanks!
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Thank you so much Hourence! I love your site and your tutorials has been a great help!
Casper Thomsen -
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We men's, we must be iron.

My Character Wips
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Originally Posted by Snipergen View Post
Speedtree won't start
Try it in compatibility mode, had problem with vista but works great on a xp comp.
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Many thanks Hourences. Your site has been a great resource for me, and it's real good to see some more info on the LightMass system written up!
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