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Hi PC,

Making tilable brickwall sculpts, or woodenplanks etc is easy, but how do you go about making tilable soil, mud, rubble etc?
Im talking about tilable in the sculpt, not the cloning/cleanup in photoshop afterwards.

Any tips on this? It's something I consistently run into and would love a solution to.
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Are you using zBrush? I have a tool I made for working on tilable sculpts like that.

There's a second "centering" subtool in there that you can use for centering/framing the mesh. Then you can hide it and start sculpting. You will need to set WrapMode 1 on your sculpt brushes, then it will wrap around the mesh as you sculpt.
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In addition to wrap, you can use the tilda key in the 2.5d canvas in ZBrush to offset the tools you've laid out (works well for debris).
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Aaaah, I didn't quite get it when I opened the tool, but now I see This is great! Had a lot of issues with the Wrapmode 1 on the standard plane, but using your tool with wrapmode 2 (which I guess is what you mean?) seems much better. Does this almost or entirely kill seams from the depth when baking the sculpt?

Thanks a lot for sharing this, Joshua, that's really nice of you. Helps a ton
Wow, had no idea about that tildekey thing! Im on a danish keyboard, so it obviously doenst work here, no matter if I press the button that is supposed to be tilde or the actual tilde, so are you aware of where this is in the menus, for example, so I can hotkey it myself?

Damn guys, I had no idea these methods were out there! You made my day!
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About the tilda key I am on a norwegian keyboard and the Ø key worked for me earlier, can't test now since I don't have zbrush installed.
Also you can't be in edit mode when you try it, you have to use the 2.5D canvas.
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Thanks, Stromberg. I tried with my Ø and Æ, and it doesnt work. I must be doing something wrong :O I will test again tomorrow, and set my keyboard to english.
Does anyone know how to remap this to another key?
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Been wondering about this. Looks an awesome thing (thank you) but a very quick test of mine making some blobs led to this in PS: after an offset. This is on a 1024 project. Nice but would need some cleanup work afterwards...
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If anyone else is having a danish keyboard, I can say, that it seems to be working with Æ
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This seems to be the right place to ask this question. When i sculpt tilable textures with wrap mode my zbrush gets really laggy to the point where it's practically not usable for the purpose. My strokes look interrupted instead of continuous because it's so laggy. Any tips to improve performance or brush/stroke settings that work best with this method?
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