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Hey guys,

i got an object HP and LP. LP is attached and i want to pick the Hp components for baking. I select all of my 26 items from the list and want to add them. But i always get an system error. The red highlighted part is always selected when iam getting the error. Anyone has some ideas?

-- Disable always update cage
local oldPanel = GetCommandPanelTaskMode()
if oldPanel != #modify do
SetCommandPanelTaskMode #modify
local prevUpdateState = activeProjMod.autoWrapAlwaysUpdate
activeProjMod.autoWrapAlwaysUpdate = false
for objNode in objList do
pmodInterface.AddObjectNode objNode
activeProjMod.autoWrapAlwaysUpdate = prevUpdateState
if projModAdded do
for obj in workingObjects do
obj.node.INodeBakeProjProperties.projectionMod = activeProjMod
if oldPanel != #modify do
SetCommandPanelTaskMode oldPanel
if not cProjMapEnable.checked do
cProjMapEnable.checked = true
settingsDirty = true
CloseWorkingObjects() -- immediate update
if not cancelled do
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Do it through Projection modifier, not Render To Texture window
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When i do it with the Projection modifier i can pick all objects with the list. but i need to bake with the render to texture window. but when i click render it passes the render in 1 second and my maps are empty. any idea?
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It could be that there are no UV's in the 0,1 space, or the low poly object is set to not renderable
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i started all new and now it works. i dont know what the mistake was i only used the modifier now again and it works. thank you guys for the help
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