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Hey guys. Does anybody know what's up with my 3ds max's (2014) alpha transparency? It seems to behave weirdly when one mesh with alpha texture overlays another in a viewport, basically making one mesh completely invisible. Here's a gif to demonstrate. I tried other viewport drivers and whatnot, same result.

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Sorting issue.

I have the same problem with max 2011. I use Xoliuls shader when working with Alpha Cards. I turn on clipping and use a 1 bit alpha and it starts sorting ok enough to see what you're doing while placing cards and such.
I'm told Xoliul does not work with 2014 though. However 1 bit alpha is probably the direction you need to look in. I think Max does 1 bit alpha if you set it to simple alpha.
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Looks like it's a problem with max's shaders. Set it on Realistic or Consistent Colors and it displays correctly, if a bit slower. 1 bit alpha (dds) didn't help, though or I didn't do it correctly.
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