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please post your final summer challenge work in this thread.

the following is required:

1. wires with polycount
2. beauty in DS screen size (256 x 192px, no antialiasing) <font color="red">note: jpegs look crappy, try png 24</font>
3. thumbnail (96x96px)
4. detail shots, if you wish

any running commentary will be deleted. Thread closes on Thursday midnight western US time. <font color="red"> </font>
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Marisa - Low res Beach Submission


DS Screen


Look out behind you!
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Low Res Summer stuff- 1368 trias, 22 sheets of 64 x 64


DS Screen

Detail Shot

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#27 low-rez summer - cholden

Max viewport with wireframe

DS screen resolution (final render)


Textures 2x128x128 (environment) and 1x64x64 (car)
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