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Does anyone here know how to pre-warm particles for when in "play-in-PC" mode is activated with UDK? I don't want to see the level start with steam growing up out of nowhere, rather having it already visible.

Also, I'm rendering a flythrough video for another environment, and its having trouble showing certain animated flipbook textures that are being shown inside a particular particle effect.

For example: Here is a still image of the look I want:

Notice how the candle flames are showing up?

However when I render out the matinee flythrough sequence it looks like this:

The black dots on the floor are supposed to be candles but they are not showing the flame part?

Can anyone help me?

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i've not got udk3 here at work but i'm pretty sure the preroll settings are in the required module in cascade - just above where you set emitter duration if memory serves.

as for the flames not starting - are they set to autoactivate? you might have better luck manaully triggering them at the start of the matinee sequence, shouldnt matter i dont think but in my experience udk3 can be a bit funny with things like that
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For your 1st question, go to the particle system properties (click on the black area next to the emitters) and you'll see a warmup time option.
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