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Hi everybody! xD
I finished my first biiig environment a few weeks ago and I need some feedback) So please don't be shy ^^ Thank you)

and here's the video:

and some work in progress (russian):

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Incredible work
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I loved that old chinese statue!

Beautiful work man.
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wow, amazing.
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Meowza, what a way to introduce yourself.
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Associate Character Artist
NetherRealm Studios
My Artstation
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This looks really nice. Also I love that you added the back drop with the mountains and additional trees. It really gives it that extra oomph.
Aaron Fowler
Freelance Environment/Prop Artist

Twitter @Tobbo_art
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Critique..... Sure, this is absolutely stunning, your a god of environment and I hope a decade from now I can come close to doing what you do.
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woaah. great work. any chance of seeing some wireframes?
Environment Artist
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Can you say something about technicals? Average textures sizes, amount of LoDs. Did you made those trees by yourself? Can I see wireframes of them ?

And what about particles? Did you made it custom, or its from crytek?

Did you change a lot in TimeOfDay Settings?

Sorry fot ton of quesitons, but I need feedback from someone with greater skills than mine. And Its CryEngine.

Btw: scene looks incredibly good. Good job.
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Great work! I only have minor crits.

- If you can, make some volumetric clouds and place them in front of the mountains in the background. This way, you have more depth and layers going on and a less skybox-like look.

- The placement of the buddah statue to the left in the first picture doesn't make much sense. There would be a more dedicated space for it, at least a patch of earth with no grass. It looks more like it was hidden there.

- You could also do with some downsampling to hide aliasing. Right-click the resolution box in the main window, choose something higher than full HD. The image will stretch out of the bounds of the screen, but if you take a screenshot, it will still capture the whole thing. Type capture_file_format bmp in the console, then capture_frames_once 1 and finally capture_frames 1. It will capture 1 bmp in your capture output folder. If you leave away the capture_frames_once thing, it will capture until you tell it to stop, can be good for picking one picture where i.e. birds or leaves are in the perfect position.
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Sweet damn this is gorgeous, I could totally see this in a fighting game.
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Looks amazing!

Would you be able to show some of the separate pieces for the map? Like for the paths and the buildings, I am interested in knowing how you built it
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the sculpted props look great! Perhaps you could put some cherry blossoms/leaves on the ground, which is a little too clean looking.
Environment Artist
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Thanks guys and sorry for being silent for a long time))

The scene runs at 40-50fps fullHD on VeryHigh settings. Textures are 1х4096, 1х2048, 1х1024, 2х512, 4х256 and some CE3 built-in textures (256) for sand and grass.
Some trees were made with speedtree, but the main sakura is a retextured CE3 built-in asset) Yep, shame on me, lazy ass))

Particles are custom, as well as their settings etc.
And I spent a lot of time tweaking the ToD settings, especially fog, cuz I was new to it, and...)
Any LODs were made, because it's just a portfolio piece, not a professional playable environment.

The ideas with volumetric clouds and cheating with aliasing are great - looking forward to use it in my next environment)

Thanks again guys ;)
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Really nice work
Environment Artist - Ubisoft Massive
Currently working on:
The Division

Latest Project:
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Brilliant! I love the scale and the mood of this environment. Just a small question, how long did it take you? From the initial blockout to the final polishing touch?
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Beautiful! Really great work.
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Old (#21)

I can't really say how long it took me to finish this piece now, because there was a pause for 9-10 month... So I just don't remember))
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Wow. I wasn't expecting that. It looks gorgeous, very inspiring.
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Wow, awesome work man!
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Massive fan of Shinto/Buddhist temples and you nailed it! Simply gorgeous! Some minor details are modeled like the small chains, would have used alpha planes, but could not think of anything else, so excellent job!
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