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Hello Games, the brightest new star of the video game scene, is hiring.
This is your chance to become a big part of a small team with epic ambitions.

They are really interested in new fresh talent from outside video games to fill an exciting new role.

Junior Artist
  • You are hard-working, ambitious and enjoy learning
  • You have a portfolio of things you’ve been working on in your spare time that look super cool
  • You can turn your hand to anything art-related, from concept to modelling, characters to environments
  • You are the best artist you know
  • You *love* games

About Hello Games
Winner of Develop’s “Best New Studio” and “Best Micro Studio” awards, Hello Games is an ambitious, creative, talented and hard-working team.

Their first title was the multi-award winning “Joe Danger” - released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iPhone and iPad to huge critical and commercial success.

Their latest title No Man’s Sky is one the most anticipated games of 2014 (according to the The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The Metro and every major gaming media outlet!). A science fiction game, set in an infinite, procedural universe, it is impossibly ambitious and incredibly exciting.
And it’s only just begun. Imagine what they can do with your help. Drop what you’re doing and come join them!

More information here:

Application Instructions
Please send CVs and portfolios to:
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If only you were closer I'm from Leeds and Guildford is quite the distance!
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Dave you should apply! got to be willing to move
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Is there a opportunity for visa's? D:
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Well I applied the second I heard like 5 days ago I hope they've seen my email by now.
If I could just wave my hands and conjure not one grilled cheese sandwich, but two grilled cheese sandwiches being worn as a bra by a swimsuit model constructed from grilled cheese sandwiches, it'd take all satisfaction out of life.
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A chance to work with you guys, I'd take your hand off. Email Sent.

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Applied! Hope to hear soon ^^
Portfolio < --- Have a look, I'm available for work!
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Applied... Look forward to hearing from you guys!
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You are the best artist you know
I'm sorry ?
Assani 'Pyr' Duongsaa - ArtStation | LinkedIn
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Am willing to travel/ relocate
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Email sent!

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Can people still apply? Just wanting to know if this has been closed
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Do you need to be eligible to work in the UK or is getting a visa possible?
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