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Hey Guys!

I made a courier, and it seems my obsession with pandas has no limit!

Introducing Coco, a courier of the Redpaw brewery, sent to bring brew to the battlefield where it is so dearly needed.

I had a lot of fun making this, I hadn't done any animation in a while so it was nice to get a bit of practice. This marks my first item for dota, hooray!

I regret not posting progress here though, not exactly showing the polycount community spirit, but I definitely will for future stuff!

Let me know what you guys think!


Here's the workshop link!

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And I was talking with Zaphk about you in the workshop yesterday.

"Man, what if JFletcher get into the workshop? That would be awesome!"


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Fletcher is getting in on the Dota stuff? Pack up everyone. Go home

Fuck man, thats beautifully done though. Such character in the animations. ADD PLZ VALVE
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I demand wip shots... sculpts... tutorials... UV maps... rigging techniques... and I demand it now!

Fantastic work!
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"Fletcher is getting in on the Dota stuff? Pack up everyone. Go home" <- THIS.
Just WOW <3
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GUH INTO MY VEINS. I have a red panda courier I did a couple months ago that's hopefully being submitted within a week or two, we ran into a lot of animation issues, but now you've completely rofl'd over my self esteem.

amazing job, dude.
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Fletcher doing Dota2 stuff?

Thats just AMAZING mannnn!!!!! I'm a big fan of your work, and I loved the courier please keep blessing us with such inspirational stuff

Can't wait to see whats coming next!! Cheers!!!
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You had my curiosity. But now you have my attention.'s so amazing , rly...omfg... <3

I want this so much,...but so much...
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That's beautiful, voting now. -cheers
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Oh wow, beautiful stuff.

And you're the guy that did that DS2 raven hammer? That's it I'm done. SEEYALL.
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Amazing! I'm excited to see more work from you.
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Oh my-- that bite off animation is fantastic! Bravo sir!
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I don't know who you are but that is amazing oO
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Damn, this is beautiful.
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Awesome work! Looking forward to seeing this ingame soon
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Hey Guys!

I made a courier, and it seems my obsession with pandas has no limit!
I think this is a Raccoon?

I love your courier, hope it will be sold in game ^ ^
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so good
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I'm incredibly speechless now.
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Holy !@#$, the animation is perfect !
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I'm speechless. It's awesome!
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Holy, that quality there. Seriously, great work!
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Wow, very impressive quality overall!
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Time to up our ante! This is amazing stuff!
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upvoted and favorited, ace work man, tim taught you well!
bonus vir semper tiro.

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Why isn't this already in my backpack Valve? WHY? One of the best couriers I've seen so far
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