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Edit *Now that Knald is no longer in Beta please use THIS thread for all future posts regarding Knald goodies.*

Hi everyone!

For the past year the Knald team has been busy working on a new application that helps artists create great textures. We are proud to announce the open beta of Knald - The world's first GPU powered solution for generating "bake quality" textures from any 2D source texture.

Multi-vendor GPU Support!
By harnessing the power of OpenCL™, Knald is a cross hardware platform solution and therefore is not limited to any specific GPU vendor. (NVIDIA or AMD cards are currently supported) If your graphics card supports OpenCL™ then you are good to go!

How fast is ultra fast?
Knald can generate a Normal, Derivative, Displacement/Height, Ambient Occlusion, Concavity and Convexity maps in around 5 seconds on a mid level Nvidia 560Ti. When loading a Heightmap directly, all other maps are generated instantly and automatically.

Once you integrate your source texture, all the controls in Knald are real-time, meaning that you can iterate quickly and control the exact look & feel of your textures without waiting for your PC to bake and catch up with you.

What does Knald mean for artists?

  • Versatile work flow – Artists can import and work with Normal, Derivative, Heightmaps and photo-sourced textures.
  • All calculations & processing are performed in double/single precision floating point (float64/float32).
  • Pixel perfect 8, 16 and 32bit support - Our file I/O and image processing pipeline preserves your high precision data.
  • Best in class Heightmaps – Excellent quality, accurate height maps generated from a Normal/Derivative or photo-sourced texture.
  • Best in class real-time AO – Extremely high quality and clean results rivaling baked AO at 600+ rays.
  • Ultra fast results – Real time AO, Concavity and Convexity map generation adjustment means no more waiting for bakes.
  • Simultaneous map processing – See and adjust the results of all maps instantly.
  • Real time (scalable) tessellation in the 3D preview – See what your heightmap looks like before importing it into an engine.

Character art by Gavin Goulden

Image courtesy of Dan Roarty

Image courtesy of
Warren Boonzaaier

Image courtesy of Andy Davies

We would love for you to try out Knald and hear what you think! You can download the open beta from HERE and find our tutorial video HERE. Please post any questions, feature requests, or bug reports you might have in this thread or on the open beta forums over at Eat3d


Kind regards,
The Knald team.

Edit *Now that Knald is no longer in Beta please use THIS thread for all future posts regarding Knald goodies.*

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Grats on the release man!

been using this for a while now, it's really very awesome!
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awesome andy
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Congrats on the release, this looks really cool!
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Looks very interesting!

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Oooo! Looks hot! Out of curiosity, what kind of OpenCL support are you finding? Is it just a driver update even for older cards?
Andres Reinot
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Really impressive so far. Blown away by how fast the textures are generated and the quality/tweakability is really incredible.
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Awesome dude! Looking forward to trying it.

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So this is the badboy program you and Lee have been sneeky sneeky chatty chatty about in the Hangouts
Awesome! trying it now!
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Oh, wow. This looks fantastic.
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'error initializing openCL
Please make sure your graphics card supports OpenCL 1.1 or later'
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Woah, this looks like fun.

Downloading already.
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This is awesome so far man! Definitely going to be playing with this.
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Siiick dude!
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Thanks for the kind words guys!

@everyone, Please make sure you have the newest drivers for your GPU and then run Knald with full Admin privileges.
You can get the latest Nvidia drivers here and the latest AMD/ATI drivers here

Originally Posted by monkeyscience View Post
Oooo! Looks hot! Out of curiosity, what kind of OpenCL support are you finding? Is it just a driver update even for older cards?
Thanks, man! OpenCL is supported on the vast majority of cards since the 8xxx series (and around that sort of time), so just downloading new drivers should give at least better support to the majority of people if they decent support already.`

Originally Posted by skankerzero View Post
'error initializing openCL
Please make sure your graphics card supports OpenCL 1.1 or later'
What card are you using and which drivers do you have? Updating them might fix the issue you are having. Please try a clean driver install after uninstalling the driver and rebooting and see if that helps.
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Oh god! I already can feel the power of this thing unleashed on my school project! Thank you so much!
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Congrats on the release Andy, awesome stuff
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wow- this is so easy to use- no problems at all. thank you for releasing this app
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Congrats on the release! Can't wait to give it a shot.
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awesome! congrats on the release. cant wait to start playing around with it.
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mega dope!.. looks like fun. Congrats on your release
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