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Yay! Glad this is a winner, congrats

Last edited by Naso; 12-12-2012 at 07:32 PM..
- Naso
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Congrats! I knew one of your entries HAD to make it in; great job!
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Great job man. If I was a judge I think all of your entries would be top 10.
AKA Blender2Dota AKA Zenchuck AKA Andrew Amundrud
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Thanks so much!!!
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Old (#56)
Whooooo! Just in time for the winter wonderland theme!!
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Old (#57)
Get it girl!! Prop your feet up on that stack of money, you earned it!
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Congrats! Looking forward to seeing one of your Enchantress sets up in there, too ;)
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Old (#59)
Well deserved Anuxi! Congratulations!
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Old (#60)
Just amazing, congrats Anuxi.

I can't wait to treat my little CM with your set just for being an amazing support. <3
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Old (#61)
Nice Anuxi Well done, all your sets are fantastic, though the snowdrop was your last it was the one that got picked, goes to show that perseverance along with talent will surely put you among the top picks..
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Congrats Stephanie
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Congrats, Steph!!!!!! Well deserved!!!
Stefan Lipsius | 3d Animator |
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Congrats Anuxi!
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