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Since production on Halo 4 has ramped down I have found some time to do some personal work again. These doors have been a work in progress for the past month or so; they are both exercises in modeling as well as door design. I wanted to create a series of doors that avoided the typical cliches of most fictional designs and do something a bit more whimsical. Doors that appeared to be 'over engineered' but still look functional - that swing open, or roll open, as opposed to the more typical 'sci-fi sliding into wall'.

Anyway, here are my results. For now they are pure models, if I have the time or inclination at a later time I may do a proper texture pass for these.

Thanks for looking! Please click on the images for larger versions.

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the first image is my favorite, but all of these are pretty bad ass!! Have you tried doing any experiments with a minimalistic approach rather than the tech / mech heavy approach you have here?
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Awesome work and nice original designs Paul. The detail on all three are awesome! Thanks for posting these.
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Oh shit. I died a bit inside. These are so damn awesome I want to cry.
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fuck that. i quit.
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god damn that's amazing!
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Oh wow. Very nice. The soft / flowing shapes remind me of your soviet-retro-style-satellite-robot things which I've loved for years.
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damn this is awesome! love the design.

Can I ask what software you've used for the renders?
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These are amazing Paul!

I had 2 quick questions (that I'm sure you have answered many times before). How do you go about creating those nice "molded" shapes? Do you use boolean methods or just good ol' vert pullin? And I was interested in hearing how you go about creating your wires / pipes. Just curious if it's just all spline work, or if you have any other tricks that you use?

Newbish questions I know, but I'm curious :P
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Holy crap. . .amazing work man
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Jason -- Paul can answer this more in detail but I can tell you he just straight up models everything and doesn't use booleans and such. I've asked him to post some choice mesh shots of untesselated views.
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OMG thats so awesome!! Great work!
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that's badass!
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Really nice details Paul! Are you planning to bake it all down at the end?
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all that to open a door?! lol

These are so good man my favorite it the last. i would love to see these animated!
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Old (#16)
I absolutely love this kind of stuff. Beautiful work, just beautiful.
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Holy shit.

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This stuff is amazing, love this look. Second the request for wires or breakdowns or anything! Wonderful
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<3 looove the shape variety!


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Particularly in the first image i love the balance you have struck with the details. You could of easily made the whole environment way too busy but you have created large smooth areas which are then complimented by the more busier areas. Great job
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Are you sure you are not breaking some government nda by posting these. hmmm...
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Insane! We need to see some video of these in action Well done!
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Holy crap I love it! I never thought I would say this some day, but I think this is already too detailed xD

A question, do you sculpt in all those scratches and dents and small imperfections or how do you create those?


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sweet zombie babies!
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woah! fuck man thats mental, so good
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