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Ditto on your brother's comments above! Congratulations and enjoy the moment!
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Congratulations man, you rocked it!
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Old (#78)
Well deserved. Nice one.
AKA Blender2Dota AKA Zenchuck AKA Andrew Amundrud
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Old (#79)
Congrats man, darkness is awesome
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Nicely done, man. I missed this thread before, looks awesome.

I really like that you've altered the colours so much yet it still remains recogniseable.
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Old (#81)
Congratulations! I was one of those guys skeptical about whether or not this set was even going to be considered given its start contrast from the base, but man, I gotta say I'm very glad it did!
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Old (#82)
very nice work! congratz!
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Congrats on winning Enodmi! Love the design and color scheme of this set. Very, very well deserved.
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