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Well, this is my first real contest.

I'll give it my best shot...

Good luck and have fun!
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Welcome, and good luck!
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I'm not really too good at drawing, but I thought I'd make a Garbage Pal Kid. More specifically Nat Nerd:

Or maybe I should base it off the version from the TERRIBLE movie? (which I some how forced myself to watch on Netflix)

Does this fall a long the lines of "a made-up character of your choosing?"

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Hi there, I think that for the context of the contest, that won't work unless you own the rights Garbage Pal Kid. You have to come up with something new or that you own.
Best of luck.
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Well, I suppose I'll attempt to design my own cartoony stereotypical nerd in costume then.
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As an update to my thought process. I've spent some time throwing together a reference sheet to conceptualize off of:

I'm being rather loose here but the equation is to combined various overlapping elements of nerdism. (basic arithmetic lol)

So'oo in a shotty-nut-shell, I want him to be ,a really nerdy and obese stylized kid between the age of 8 and 11. Since I believe that is the age range at which our imagination is most extroverted. But I can't really decide if I want him to be dressed up as a cardboard robot or in goofy looking spandex?

All the things circled in green are elements I definitely want to add though!
  • Fanny pack
  • Garbage bag cape
  • Bow tie?
  • Velcro shoes
  • Buck teeth
  • Coke bottle glasses
  • Lunch Box
  • Slick-back Curly-Q or Red headed afro?
  • And maybe those wicked-awesome Geordi glasses at the end? (minus the wicked lame and useless Nintendo power-glove =p)
[et cetera]

I might skip drawing him completely (although i do have a doodle here and there but nothing worthy of being higher than a 'lazy' hi-five) ... and just eyeball it!

Unless it's required that I have a model sheet first?


Despite all of the? Poor choices those people made in attire for that reference sheet above. I do however want him to be a lovable looking character with the over-emoted appearance of having a lot of personality. Similar to Russel in the Pixar movie UP:

If I get anything out of this, I want people to first think "OMG, that is the dorkiest looking kid I've ever seen" and the second thought to be "WOW he's the coolest kid I've ever met!"

If you think about it, our impressions of people are ultimately based upon second impressions which of course are influenced by the first at varying degrees...

I believe that understanding and knowing how to develop that contrast plays a huge part in developing the underlining essence of a character - in general.

Any thoughts?

Next part, I'll further refine the concept by writing a short bio. And then maybe using my elite skills in producing crappy drawings, I'll front a model sheet in hopes that it justifies what I produce after that in 3D? =]

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