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Thanks for all the support guys! I honestly had no idea what was gonna happen until the announcement came through, was amazing news after a painfully long week :P

Can't wait to see/get all the sets ingame next week (assuming they release a big pack)! Looking forward to seeing how many more entries are get added in the coming months as well, there were some seriously badass entries that need to be added still!

redcap - Thanks man, they didn't say they would remove the back feathers though, just tone them down. I imagine that means just sizing them down a bit, as they're pretty large/noticable.
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Terrific work guys! This was my favorite entry all along. Super awesome presentation too.
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Love the set! Disruptor is one of my favorite set and I bought it as soon as it was available! Great job guys!
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So... I just purchased the set and decided to name my Raptor Daniel Lucanu the Artistic Bird^^ This set was amazing! Thank you so much for creating it!
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Great Look!!
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effin amazing!
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I really want help making a Dota 2 item for the first time, if you can help me add me on skype.
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