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Sup guys!
Here is the WIP for our game we working on that we have got on greenlight, and gotten a very good response.

Got on PC GAMERS top 15 greenlight picks :

and got a mention on Kotaku as well!:

EDIT: Oh and heres the greenlight link if you are interested :P

Heres a link to the trailer:

Heres a download to the prototype:

Heres a WIP to the new art we doing for it:

Feedback welcome as always!

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That is all
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<--- Bro Fists pumps the sweet bejeebers outta this!

(Your rendition of the art looks fantastic man keep it coming!!)
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That is SO Brosome!
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On the one hand, I have a hard on for awesome pixel art. On the other, the reworked art looks fantastic!

Just ran a couple minutes of it, and it's frigging hilarious

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Love this, let's blow shit up.

meh, drinking is bad.
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That was fantastic. Hilarious. My favourites are Blade and Bro in Black. I really love how you're nailing the weapon characteristics.

Edit: Love the original art style, but can't wait to see the new stuff, all moving and covered in gibs.

Are you laying the levels out by hand, or is it procedural?

More please!

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Why is this not out yet?
DAMN you!
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I love the force behind all the shooting, screen shaking etc. I also get a strong feeling of supermeatboy from this..weird..
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"Splosions... MOAR SPLOSIONS !" - Mickael Bay -

Looks really fun to play, nice job.
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Great work guys, looks forward to seeing this progress.
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totally cool game. no surprise you got very good response.
maybe it will loose something when you go away from pixel art or maybe will get even better. will wait and see.
good luck
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Got a bro-ner for this please put lots of secret areas and easter eggs in it.
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Thanks all for the kind words!

glynnsmith: Levels are layed out by hand .

Daven: I love that GIF! YOURE AWESOME!

Will be posting more art soon!
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pure awesome!
I would totally buy this. Givin me a broner. haha
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Looks broliant
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It looks great. I'm digging the new art style as well.
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I love both art styles. i was playing this earlier today at work and loved it. Can't wait to try it with a controller tonight.


NOTE: Played this with controllers and buddies and everyone loves it. we've all upvoted you on GL too. Great work.

I wasn't able to find RoboBro though, what do I need to do? Saw him in the end and now I'm obsessed.

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Sup Guys!
Heres more content xD!
Ill post some in game screenshots with the backgrounds and awesome explosions soon!

Old from pixel art

New stuff

Crits welcome!

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Bro Dredd is getting a little close to infringing on fair-use clauses as the other characters can all be classified into tropes but the Judge Dredd character is unique. I don't know how aggressive the copyright holder is but the movie just came out so I wouldn't be surprised if they were actively looking for emulations.
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Scruples - Thanks for the heads up! As far as I am aware it is fine, we maybe change his gloves to be gold instead of green. It is parody and the characters names are changed. Thanks!
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!!! Awesome art.
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Originally Posted by Daven View Post
render farm :Intel Xeon E5560 * 2, 16 cores with hyper-threading,Win7 64bit.
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