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This is so cool! I can't believe I never actually thought of Pokemon as 3D models. Great concept, with the snap game too.

My only crit is that the edge of the pieces of shell on his back that move outwards to accommodate his guns, they look almost like they're clipping with the rest of his shell, however this could be what you were referring to when you mentioned the seam you were gonna clean up, if so ignore me. ^-^
Uhh... what cat?
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150 to go!
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Old (#28)
Massive improvement on the colors. This looks great. If I had the time I'd love to take a stab at doing one ;)
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Originally Posted by jimmypopali View Post
150 to go!
^ you so should!

Love this little guy.
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Ok, OK, I think I haveto call it quits on the diffuse. -___- fix up the seems in 3d coat. I think it might go up and touch up the cannons but I think alot of the cool stuff will come through in the spec when I get around to doing that. Next is a cool pedestal for him and put him into UDK.

@aNarchy: I will reply to your post soon sorry for the wait.

@Jack Ryan: Yea there is just a tad bit of clipping and I will resolve that when I finally rig his shell pieces. and thanks!

@Jimmypopali: O________o

@Hang10: thanks man. Hope to see it!

@$!nz: Glad you like him!

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thats a lovely diffuse texture! makes me wonder why there isnt a world of pokemon mmo out there?
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Old (#32)
Very cool
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Old (#33)
Ha! Threw him in UDK with my pokeball just for kicks and giggles!

Also, I would like to clarify that the scene that Blastoise is not mine. It's the UDK Foliage Showcase. All assets other than blastoise and the pokeball are property of Epic Games.

Last edited by chrisundrum; 08-24-2012 at 03:47 PM..
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Does he have a specular map yet? I imagine being a water Pokémon with massive water cannons the specular map'll be quite unique.

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Old (#35)
what brushes did you use in Zbrush to do the shell?
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Old (#36)
Nice job! He looks pretty cool in UDK
Lighting Artist at Obsidian Entertainment
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Old (#37)
Hey, nice job dude! If possible, can you post how you unwrapped the pokeball? I tried making a pokemon environment a while back and got a bunch of weird seems and normal map issues with it.
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Old (#38)
Aaand front page of reddit.

Nice work dude. Loving the textures. Although not too sure on it being in a realistic setting.
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Old (#39)
#1 spot on reddit front page, congrats :p Now make a few more!
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Old (#40)
Awesome, I sent this guy around to some folks yesterday. Who knew it'd blow up. Anyways, love the face.
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Old (#41)
@Ged: Thanks Ged! I know right? Sooooo much money would come out of my pocket for that game....

@Shendoo: Thanks man!

@JamesWild: Hey James, He does have a spec, but one that I cranked out in like 10 min. Right now I am working on a base for him and I will spend some good time on getting it right. He's my favorite so I want to do him justice! And you're right his cannons would have a higher spec.

@Superdenny: I pretty much used Orbs crack brush for the shell pieces and outline. Then used clay tubes with for some little divots and then cleaned up with either Trim Dynamics or Hpolish.

@leleuxart: Thanks man. It's even better tumblin' around it and walking around ;)Hope to do an environment with some buddies so that we can have other people walk around and enjoy.

@Scizz: Sure thing man. Now its not what you probably want to do but I really wanted to see it in. But I tried some other ways but I thought that the best place to put the seam was where it was all black. So you couldn't go wrong.

@Mr.Ninjustusu: O_____O wow that's pretty crazy ha. thanks man.

@Skillmister: Thanks man. I'm glad my love for art and the realization of pokemon in 3d can be shared with many... one day we call can run around and capture pokemon. I plan on making a couple more. I think Hitmonchan might be next or Kabutops!

@cholden: Thanks man, I'm pretty flattered! Also Joe Bird says "Heeyyyy"
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Old (#42)
I got here after seeing this posted on Reddit, and was blown away. Seriously, that one screenshot in UDK is every Pokemon fan's wet dream.. You know, if you get a bit of free time, a few more screenshots would probably go down pretty well on the internets. ;)

I LOVE the textures, reminds me of some old Pokemon figures with a sort of soft, rubbery finish (can't find any decent images though..). The style really would be perfect for an open-world, 3D Pokemon game.
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Old (#43)
Grats on the frontpage! Awesome looking stuff, if there is one tiny nitpicky thing I can point out it's that the eyes look rather bland, lightwise. This is probably because they don't have their own material ID or are a separate part of the same mesh (like eyeballs). If you could select the polies that make up the eyes and give them a separate mat ID to improve the material and thus the shine of them it might make the character feel more alive. Heck going all the way and giving him eyeballs to move around might be even better, let you experiment with some light facial expressions and such.

Same could maybe be done with the cannons, so you could experiment a bit with having a different specular setting or a cubemap for just those or something. IN ANYCASE; absolutely love the model and the textures Awesome job
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Old (#44)
Looks awesome, love it
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Old (#45)
omg pokemon YESSS!!! i'd love to see some more
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Old (#46)
...Awesome. Can't wait to see more! I love his texture. So sweet.
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Old (#47)
Amazing, the face especially -- really clean.

Well done!
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Old (#48)
Just a little quick treat before get to all of your comments

Last edited by chrisundrum; 08-27-2012 at 04:12 PM..
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Old (#49)
@Zoidy: Yea, It was pretty wild how big it blew up on Reddit!. I'm glad that I could somewhat bring my dream and other players dreams into reality. I plan on doing more screenshots pretty soon. So don't worry. And thanks for the texture compliments

@Skamberin: Nitpick away my friend, I am here to learn! The eyes do look rather bland :/ I have some things in mind for it, one being what you said , but it has a separate mat ID. I have a lot to do on the back of the cannons for sure, but right now I have to continue some more stuff but I plan on doing more stuff.

@Minos: Thanks man

@Jessica Dinh: There will be both more screenshots of him in jungle goodness, also he is rigged and I plan on doing Marowak next.

@Stoop_kid: Thanks man!

@Psygohn: Thanks a bunch!

Ok so here is the base that I churned out today. Would really like to do more with it, and still deciding whether to use it all but here we go.

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Old (#50)
"For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love" - Carl Sagan
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