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Hello All,

We are looking for a talented 3D Character modeller to create the characters and character assets for our 3D MMO Social Game - Port Galaxy. We are looking for someone who will charge indie rates or do the work for a flat fee.

We currently have a team working on Port Galaxy, however, we are trying to meet a deadline and would like to explore all options, including getting other work done at the same time. The characters for example can be done while the others work on the environments, rather than us waiting until one thing is done to move on to the next.

Male & Female 3D Characters, Rigged, Animated for: Walking, Idle, Running, Jumping, Sitting, Sleeping, Etc
Clothes, Hair, & Other Character Customizations.

Players will be able to customize their characters appearance and clothing, change colours, skin tones, etc. So all of that needs to be completed.

We are also willing to use content from the Asset Store if necessary - for example we are implementing the Mixamo characters temporarily. In which case the basic model would be done, and most of the animations. Our main goal is finding someone who can easily create a good variety of character assets and customizations for us to add as much personalization to our game as possible.

& More
We may also be looking to fill these positions:
Environment Artist/Modeller
- 4-5 Space Port Levels/Rooms, 5 Simple "empty" player decorated spaces, A section in a futuristic city with hotel/shop interiors.

Furniture/Prop Modeller
- Furniture players purchase and collect.
- Some animated props, like lights, moving parts, etc.
- Environment props (seats, lights, plants, transports, etc)

Interface Designer (With use of NextGen UI)
Programmer (MySQL, C++, Javascript, PHP, SmartFoxServer)

We are using Unity3D.

You can read more about our game @

If you are interested in anything you've seen here or on our website, do not hesitate to contact us!

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We are now mainly looking for someone to create props!

This includes both:
- Environmental Props (props throughout levels, seats, plants, lights, other sci-fi content) In public spaces.
- Player Owned Props (furniture, lights, etc used to decorate their personal rooms) Players will purchase these for credits.
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I sent you an email.
George Sokol
Environment Artist @ Volition
Art Blog
Art Station

Current WIP: [WIP] [UE4] - Skirmish - scifi corridor
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E-mail sent.
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I am Ajay having 4 years of experience in gaming industry
My key skillsets include High and low res modeling, Texturing for characters,props,vehicles

I am interested in working as a 3d Artist for your project.


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Hello All,

We are once again looking for the following:
3D Character Modeller
- Base Male/Female character models, fully rigged, with a selection of animations.
- A good selection of clothes, hairstyles for each character.

3D Environment/Prop Modeller
- Sci-Fi futuristic props, environments.
- Planet environment/props (city, jungle) new planet environments every couple month.

Who will charge Indie rates. If you are interested at all let us know.

We are mainly in need of the 3D character artist

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hi im a character artist .i am interested in working with you.please check out my web sight for examples of my work and my current demo reel!
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Boom! Applied xD
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Port Galaxy is an indie MMO currently in development. We are currently looking to fill two temporary positions, for freelance work.

1) GUI Artist
We require a talented interface designer to create all GUI elements for our game. Preferably someone familiar with Next-Gen UI (NGUI) as we will be using this as well. It does not really effect the design aspect but if you are familiar with it, that is great. We require a sci-fi futuristic GUI. If you are interested please show us examples of your GUI work, and we'll provide you with further details.

2) Character Artist for character assets.
We are planning on using an avatar system for our game, and would like to find someone to create custom content for the avatars. Mainly clothes and character assets. These are low poly, somewhat similar to XBL avatars.

Post, PM, or Email:
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pm sent
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pm sent
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