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Hello everyone and thank you for checking out our team's plea for help! We have been developing a sandbox MMO "Factions" for over 3 years now and while we have tons of programming done and many of the systems in place, we lack a full art team and we especially lack art direction. If you have some broad knowledge of 3d modeling, animation and have creativity this is a great opportunity for you to shape an entire game universe and direct a team of artists.

We are also seeking 3d modelers, character animators, terrain artists, 2d artists etc.. Or if you are even more specialized and only like to model buildings or characters we are looking for you too!

If you are interested please email me at or you can apply on our forums or reply here or PM me etc... If you are just interested in our project, please don't hesitate to stop by our website and register on our forums, we would love to hear from you!

Below is a bit about our team and our game and some screenshots (these are even about half a year old actually and all of our new assets our current artists have created are not yet in game).

Project name:

Team name:
none yet

Brief description:
I began programming this game in February 2008, and have worked off and on since then. I now have a very dedicated and talented team working with me on the game.
Factions is a completely player driven dynamic world MMO. Player housing, player owned territory, player owned factions (guilds), faction created towns, player directed NPCs, missions and work orders created by players for other players, dynamic resources and dynamic 'monster' spawning, lootable player corpses, no instancing. The game revolves around the players and how they shape the world.

Target aim:
A solid niche market game. Those who will play Factions won't be so interested in graphics or a pre-made story line. They will instead put gameplay first and want to have a large impact on the world they play in. They will be mostly cooperative players and creative types.

No pay up front, who knows about in the future.. May turn out to be freeware, may be able to make a living off of it.. The goal would eventually be to form a profitable company. There is a revenue sharing contract which will be signed by all team members.

C++ for client and server
DarkGDK for graphics
RakNet for Networking
mySQL for database

Talent needed:
-We are in dire need of an Art Director!
-Artists (3d, character, terrain, animators etc...etc...)

All game design concepts will be considered in our team. I do not want to make anyone feel like they are joining a huge team with a rigid structure and where they will be lost in the shuffle. You will be able to contribute as much or as little to the game and game design as you wish to contribute. Pretty much everyone is a game designer on our team even though we still filter ideas through myself and the other team leads to keep a very consistent feel to the game.

Team structure:
Mike Stankiewicz (myself) - Founder and Lead Programmer
Shawn Dundas - Senior Programmer
Brandon Keehan - 3D Artist
Triadian - Project Generalist
Austin Osborn - Composer
Adrian Deans - Texturer
Rick Piller - Programmer



Previous Work by Team:
-I am the creator of the popular Warcraft 3 custom game "WarBall"

Additional Info:
I'm a 28 year old http:// mature married (with a 6 month old baby) PC / Network technician and amateur programmer. I am a MCSA and MCTS: SQL 2005. Can't wait to hear from you all!
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go to find more mmorpg to play
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