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I've got into a nasty habbit of drawing toons as I wish them and I want to get back into drawing (or attempting to draw) anatomically correct characters.
I decided to have fun with it so my first try is a bit furry. I went for a female character because I'll be honest any time I've tried drawing breasts they've been odd, circular, misshapen, etc. etc. I've just always found it a pain in the bum.

regardless of never getting anatomy or proportion right I think I've done pretty well with this one, crit to your hearts content, I intend to learn.

ignore the toony look of the face it was part of the furriness. my main concern is the shape of the body, faces I've gotten okay at, at least to the point its not become a concern. I'll also take this chance to apologise for the line flow, specifically the legs area, lines are a bit all over at the thighs, but hopefully the intended form is still obvious.

I should have enough time between work to get another picture up every 2 or 3 days and I'll try to, the more I try, the more likely I am to screw up, in which case I have the chance to learn from mistakes.

Any and all crits appreciated,
thanks in advanced,
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If proportion and anatomy are where you want to study you'll have to ditch the toon look and out your nose to the grindstone. For me (I dunno about everyone else) studying anatomy and proportion is pretty tough and pretty dry (boring ), but you will be amazed at the results once you've done the work and apply it to the fun stuff!

Get Andrew Loomis "figure drawing for all it's worth", do the tedious stuff, do the measuring, and pretty soon you will be able to eyeball that stuff. You'll not only be more accurate, you will also be more efficient.

I think for what it is, your drawing looks pretty good. There are a few issues, legs are maybe to long (sorry I am posting from my home so I can't see the image currently, going off memory). Keeps going!
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my main concern is proportion, I only mentioned anatomy because as well as proportion I want the shape flow right as well, I don't want to go deep into anatomy study, but I'm willing to study what I need to, to get proportions right from eye.

The first pic was done by copy pasting guide lines of the height of the head to get a general Idea, I've tried to do one by eye but I can already see a few bits a screwed up on

Torso is too thin, body is too small I think, bottom of the legs I screwed up quite noticabley.
I've probably got more wrong, if someone can see anything crit to your hearts content.

I've been told to get books on a few occasions, but I have no money, I haven't for a while, I'm barely out of collage atm and nearest library is a long(ish) drive away, made worse by the fact I don't drive.
I've been trying to follow figure drawing tutorials and videos online, as well as referencing real life images, but if you have any good sources for me to check out, I'd be more than wiling.
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