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Hi Guys, I'm a first year game art student at Tea Tree Gully TAFE (college for all you Americans) and I have decided to do a crusty dungeon brick wall, a la Skyrim or even oldschool Quake 1. As a complete newbie, I've been told polycount is a great place to go for great feedback on how to improve skills. My evential aim is to work on some sort of manga/anime style game, but in general I want to become a game artist.

If anyone has the time to look over my humble mesh, it would be greatly appreciated.

The mesh below was modelled and textures soley in Mudbox 2012, but rendered in marmoset toolbag.
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Shiro "the original dead man"
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This is cool, what group are you in?
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You should host your image somewhere, like imgur and display it directly using [img] tags. Will definitely make it quicker and easier for people to see and reply.

There are a lot of problems that you could easily fix. Not to sound rude, but I'm unsure where you are going with the mesh itself. I understand you want to make a grime covered dungeon wall? But the mesh pokes and protrudes every which way.

The texture has a ton of empty, unused (therefore wasted) space. You could use that area to get a crisper and more readable texture over all.

If you haven't yet, I suggest you take a look at the wiki which is an awesome bank of knowledge when it comes to this stuff. Start there, iterate and refine your work, and post back for some feedback.

Here is a few places to try first;

Mega resource for environment stuff

Modular brick wall

and another wall

great resource for material creation

Good luck!
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BakaKoneko - I'm in a game artist course (Hope that answers your question?) and hope to hone my skill's so that one day I can create model's and environment's that will eventually get put into a complete game. Innervision961 - Cheers for the information and link's man, I've only just started my course so I am obviously extreamly nooby at all this but I'm slowly learning I consider all crits extreamly helpful in making my end product something I can be proud of so yeah thanks. Jones1 - Thankyou are Teatree Gully as well?
Shiro "the original dead man"
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