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Is turning shadows on in Marmoset considered advanced? I'm wondering if people would view the use as unfair since it makes the models look a little better.
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Hi, just a query....if somebody may answer ....11:00am CST on March 26, 2012
what would translate to for somebody in India...?
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You have ~18.5 hours stating now.
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Probably a dumb question, but out of curiosity:

Im not taking part in this contest but in the submission rules it said: "Post your names" and thats probably primarily for the credits (I assume). But some just posted their nicknames (or no name at all). Is that acceptable or will that be a reason for disqualification?

Because wouldn't it complicate things legally if they had to "pass" the copyright on from for instance xXxLegolasSlayerxXx to Vigil?

Jokes aside, just wanted to ask so that nobody gets disqualified for something like that.

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Go to the News page, it lists all the Facebook votes and winners thus far.
There is always more to learn.


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Alright, so the contest is over. Let's get the old banners back up!
"The artist formerly known as suburbbum"
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