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on the left is my high poly and on the right is my low poly. I'm having some issues with the normal map tapering in at the vertices. How do I make a consistent, straight line down the low poly mesh?
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first of all id use hard edges on border parts of your model so it doesnt suck in the projection, which you can especially see on the top bar part.

as for waviness, check this out
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Are you baking with an averaged cage? Or using some calculator / offset?
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first, is this maya/max?
It looks like Maya, if it is I would just put hard edges on the corners and make sure the lowpoly is inside the chamfer, not outside.
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If this is just a wall piece, you should just project it onto a plane.
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Looks like it's a problem with your cage, as said before your projection is being "sucked" to the side. If possible try change the cage, or even go into phtoshop and blur the wavey lines untill they are straight.
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^ or add a supporting edge close to the corner to influence the interpolation on the averaged cage.
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