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Here is a sculpt that I started on last night. I decided to test myself and see how quickly I could sculpt a t-rex head. I ended up spending about 4.5 hours on it, but I'm pretty happy with how far I got in that short amount of time.

Credit goes to Deludedcon for the awesome t-rex sketch located here:

Timelapse video:

Music credit: Flux Paviliion-"Got 2 Know"

I hope you all enjoy the process I took in order to bring this dinosaur into the 3d world.

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So many dinosaurs popping up around the place haha i like this, looks very cool
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Great work!A lot of people enjoy making dinosaurs or dragons,but there is a unique style in your designs.This remind me that creative is more important than skills in CG industry now!
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that was fun to watch- came out great- tons of motion.
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pretty cool!
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Here's a polypainted version of my dinosaur.

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