Author : phanthanhtruc

View Poll Results: Which of the characters in this post is worth taking to completion?
Purple vampire head 2 5.00%
Realistic black guy 3 7.50%
Realistic woman 7 17.50%
Muscly Marine type (Generic hero) 2 5.00%
Evil Fat guy (Baron Harkonen?) 2 5.00%
Skinny Elf face (Medieval Thief?) 1 2.50%
Old white guy (Space captain?) 4 10.00%
Old Japanese guy (samurai?) 4 10.00%
Turtleneck guy (Modern crook?) 4 10.00%
Cartoony self portrait 0 0%
Purple Alien (Think mass effect + prometheus space suit) 6 15.00%
Comic Book female 4 10.00%
Cyborg Orc (Shadowrun?) 1 2.50%
Voters: 40. You may not vote on this poll

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ScoobyDoofus's Avatar
Old (#1)
I was part of the big layoff at Vigil Games 2 weeks ago and now really need to update my folio of personal work.

My plan is to take some of the more decent items from my assortment of WIPS and finish them up publicly, if possible, over the next month and a half while I continue to look for work.

Trouble is, I cannot decide which project, if any, deserves being finished.

So! I figured I'd let Polycount pick the first. Whatever gets picked would get finished to either a full next-gen character or maybe bust.

Oops, forgot the shadowrun-ish orc/ran outta space.
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Joseph Silverman's Avatar
Old (#2)
Uagh! what a shame dude.

Black guy, greybeard, or black turtleneck. In that order.
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ysalex's Avatar
Old (#3)
Hey, sorry about the layoff situation. It's good looking work you have there. Personally my favorites are the old'ish man upper right corner and the turtle neck guy. Just me though.

At any rate, I'll keep watching this one. Good luck in your job search.
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vertigo__'s Avatar
Old (#4)
The Baron Harkonen, obviously.
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respawnrt's Avatar
Old (#5)
The marine, make it after the sniper in me3 London
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EzMeow's Avatar
Old (#6)
As it seems that you got a good range of different style of character, I would say that it would depend which studio you would aim for?
Otherwise I would say any of the character that demonstrate a good understanding of human anatomy (which doesn't really help I know :p)
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Texelion's Avatar
Old (#7)
Go Go baron Harkonnen in a flying chair ^^ !
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poopinmymouth's Avatar
Old (#8)
If your goal is to land work as soon as possible, finish all the ultra boring realistic ones because that is all most studios seem to be working with stylewise these days.
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Ace-Angel's Avatar
Old (#9)
Most studios look for 'anatomically' normal characters which is used a gauge your skill right off the bat.

So yeah, finish off the black dude, the white dude and the gal first.
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ScoobyDoofus's Avatar
Old (#10)
Well, so far the woman sculpt has it...
I've pasted that head on the comic body and made some edits, plus I did this paintover tonight for a possible direction.

I think I'm still stuck in Darksiders mode. :P
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ScoobyDoofus's Avatar
Old (#11)

blah. I dunno if I'm gonna keep the purple witch thing.
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itismario's Avatar
Old (#12)
Available for work.
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Seirei's Avatar
Old (#13)
Wait this is considered turd? I'll be back in my cellar then...
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Kilkus's Avatar
Old (#14)
She looks lovely, there's something about her eyes that makes her look upset/vunerable which adds alot of character, this isn't a bad thing its nice to see so much character at this early stage.
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Sculptaur's Avatar
Old (#15)
That looks awesome man. Would you mind a brief overview of your texturing process for the skin?

I say keep going with this witch theme.
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onelung's Avatar
Old (#16)
Love pretty much all the heads. Chick, Alien, William Defoe, and Back dude in that order ;)

With this work, think of what your port lacks and the type of companies you want to aim for. Big studios have styles pretty much set, so you can clearly aim your port at what you like, or show more versatility and have a piece for each.

Just went ahead and did a paint over for some extra ideas design wise. Love her face but it doesn't really read evil witch to me. I know you can pose the eyes in the low-poly, just an observation. Kickin ass dude, looking forward to it.
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nyx702's Avatar
Old (#17)
texturing process for the skin
Yea I would be interested in this as well. I love those purple hues you have going on!
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Old (#18)
Looking good Scoob I liked the female that you are currently working on, and the dude in the turtle neck. KEEP IT UP!
Paul Poff
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Maph's Avatar
Old (#19)
Definitely love where you're going with this scoob, and +1 on onelung's suggestions.
I would however, do something more crazy with the hair though, it's bit bland like that. And maybe some boney necklaces and earrings could be cool as well.

Also, dat turtleneck guy!
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whw's Avatar
Old (#20)
Thought I'd chime in with a "OMG!" on the female head after seeing it on the WAYWO thread.

Really dig all the characters, though the neck on your female head may be a tad long. The witch approach is still worth it. Unless you go for a back-packer/explorer?
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OrganizedChaos's Avatar
Old (#21)
Awesome Ryan! Definitely looking forward to seeing this progress. I had no clue you had so many projects going on! Why isn't any of that up on your port?
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Zwebbie's Avatar
Old (#22)
Originally Posted by ScoobyDoofus View Post
blah. I dunno if I'm gonna keep the purple witch thing.
€0,02: I kind of like the purple skin purely for its visual quality (seeing different hues in skin is always nice), but I'm not crazy on the grand concept. It's so... one sided and cliché. Purple, evil, skulls, snakes, they're all from the same library of ideas.
Again, just personal opinion, but consider twisting a cliché or two. A witch with a summer instead of winter theme? A likeable character in purple?
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EarthQuake's Avatar
Old (#23)
Yo Ryan, just wanted to pop in and say your work has really improved lately, keep it up!
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D4V1DC's Avatar
Old (#24)
I agree with the human figures first.
though I was liking the purple alien a lot, for me It has potential.

I'd love that skin tut, but that's just wishful thinking.
Best of luck, love the work, keep your head up!
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Nizza_waaarg's Avatar
Old (#25)
yeah why isn't that turtle neck dude a full char yet ^^

(tho you are really rockin that female char hard ^^)
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