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Currently I'm working on a vehicle from this unused concept art from Warhammer Online:

I really liked the idea of an ale-powered vehicle, haha. What concerns me is making it look like something one could sit it (to me, it looks a little thin) and also figuring out what the heck the back side looks like since there is only one view of the concept.

Here's the high poly block out that I have so far:

The gear wheels are a bit tough for me, I still want to refine the front wheel to match the proportions of the concept art. Thoughts?
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I think the tall, round engine thing at the back needs to be a lil bigger and the cockpit thing needs to be much much smaller to match the concept.
This is looking nice so far, can't wait to see some updates!
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Cool concept and good modelling so far very 'on-concept' haha
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Looks cool. Hope you will do something for the handbrakes, here they are just sticks with a pivot, but they should be linked to the wheels or the engine in some ways.
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_deadpixel_ and njc6425 - thank you! And I did take another look at making the cockpit thing a little thinner like the concept...though it's hard to imagine a dwarf riding in it :P

Texelion - I was thinking the same thing...there's some parts of this concept that make me go "cool! ...but what does it do?" I will look into making a connection somewhere.
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Very nice start.

My opinion is that it never hurts to deviate slightly from the concept if you think it makes more sense another way. Unless this is for a client or specific person, its just practice, and yes you want to show you can model to concept, just also picking out flaws (such as a dwarf is to fat to go in there) and addressing those shows good initiative aswell. You are not a robot copier, you are an artist!

Thats just my 2 cents anyway ;) Loving it
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Oh my goodness! Updates!

So here is the finished high:

And the low (9,938 polys, just under the 10,000 limit for the assignment, ahaha) with ao and normals slapped on:

Tomorrow I'm going to get it into UDK and start texturing. If there's anything weird or can be improved that anyone notices I'll work on that too :]
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really cool cant want t see it with textures
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Really cool so far,beautiful normals
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