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Hey guys,

This is my first post on polycount. I've been going through quite a few tutorials and such. I'm a huge eve online player and love the space next gen theme.

I've been playing with 3d art for a few months now. I'm still an extreme novice but always open to learn. I'm going to be updating this thread with the progression of this ship.

First I'll post the concept:

Note about concept: This was not my concept. I saw a post on the eve online General Forums so all credit for the concept goes to "novafox". He has a Deviant Art page located at:

This is the basic blockout thus far. I'm having a little trouble with the front of the ship so any feedback on how I should go about getting that front end blocked out will be greatly appreciated:

My first post. yay \o/
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Hey mate, cool looking concept (Shame it looks like an Amarr ship! ;P) I love EVE online too.

The biggest problem you're facing right now is the proportions of your model, it's hardly like the original concept at all.
The six pillars in the middle of the ship are much smaller in the concept, also thinner, the two different colours look like they could be two different objects.
The 4 panels you added to the front need to be more diagonal, the ones in the concept look to be about 15 degrees off or so.
I can't really see the engine from the angles you uploaded, but I'd stay away from the big block shapes.
The concept looks really sleek and clean, right now the model looks too blocky.
The problem you have modelling the front of the ship wont be an issue if you take the time to model it panel by panel.
The "Black" in the concept has the overall proportion of the ship; I'd block that out perfectly then model the yellow armour piece by piece and add them one at a time, it may take a while but it will save you a lot of time in the long run.
It looks like you use box modelling, try modelling using poly planes and extruding faces; that's how I prefer to model everything and I find it much easier, maybe you will too.

Keep at it fella, might take a while but it'll look badass when it's done. ;]
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Yeah it looks like the proportion is the biggest thing you need to work on right now.

Amarr ships are very rounded when it comes to their components. you need to round out those edges more so its less blocky.

Im a huge eve fan of EvE aswell. Its awesome to see someone modelling an EvE ship. Best of luck!
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Thank you for the feedback and the tips.

I started using the "Planes" you were speaking of. After I was done morphing it to fit, I added a "shell" modifier and Chamfer.

I also slimmed the large plates a bit, put them a little further up and added more of an angle to them.

I also added a smooth on the front of the large plates on the side. I pulled up the bottom of the ship as there is a whole other level at the bottom I will add separately.

** Edit **

This is still just the blockout but tips and tricks are always welcome.
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