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Hey everyone!
It's my first time posting here, just looking around for a few minutes tells me that i've come to the right place for feedback!

One of my modules is to create a current gen dinosaur model under 12k tris, animate it using CAT and get it running around in UDK!

I chose to do a T-rex with a colour scheme inspired partly by a Digimon.

So far I've taken it into Z brush and sculpted, baked it onto my unwrapped low poly and im just looking for any feedback and criticism you've got before I really put time into the animation:


And here's a shot of it in engine:

Thanks for looking at my post!
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that looks awesome i love it but i say you can take the tris down to 10,500 and it helps if you scale the textures down to 1024
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Hey JoshA,

Thanks for the kind feedback! I've removed a lot of needless topology around the mouth and other areas where it won't be missed Also i would reduce the texture down to 1024 but it gets rather muddy with the scale its at. I've also put some more work into the details of the diffuse and spec, il get them up asap.

Also I'm sorry I took so long to reply, I've been bogged down with my dissertation! :O
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Hey man, I had some professionals come into class just yesterday and do a zBrush workshop. One of the things they said was that 80% of the individuals in the field will grab alpha brushes, stamp skin-looking effects over the model and call it quits. Unfortuntaley, that's not how skin works. They said that if you spend an extra two hours smoothing the effects in some areas, and exaggerating the effect by accentuating each "island" in other areas, it will differentiate your work from the 80% to the top 20%. I'd recommend building a thorough folder of references that map where skin is smooth and rough all over the body, all over different age groups and maybe include some animals, given that you're working on a non-human, bipedal character.

Good luck dude, looks pretty solid.
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