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After 14 weeks, its finally finished. Thank you so much people of Polycount for critiquing me on this. It really helped. ;)
15k tris. Normal, Spec and Diffuse used.
Presented with Xoliul.
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Nice Gd - looking great
I dont get the free thing between the legs right.
I you ask me i would prefer a decent torn jeans ;) - but maybe just me

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@gdsworld grats, looks good =D

Finished my cryengine level after afking on it for 2 months..

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moved to 2012 thread

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That is looking pretty nice Question though: Your YT description makes it sound like you hand animated them with the bones?
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Thanks! I animated the top portion of the mesh, and then used a script to drive the other bones. So i guess I 1/10 animated it ;)
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EDIT: PHAILURESSSSSS didnt notice I was in the 2011 thread

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Originally Posted by ZacD View Post
I got the last post before it was moved >.>
OMG ppl still posting here O.O

and well... a silver medal is good enough for me xD
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Originally Posted by crazyfool View Post
early wippage

This is looking awesome! Hows this guy coming along?
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Old (#12335)
very nice crazyfool! more from that guy
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Old (#12336)
Original Concept by Daniel Pingston

Model by Aundray Morris (Me )

I have been working on this guy for a while now but haven't been able to give him my full attention because I'm in my last 5 months at Full Sail University. Still, it has come a long way...
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Hey hamtoilet,
make shoulders wider than hips.
Anyway, this is the last year thread, if you want to be seen, you should post here:
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Old (#12338)
thanks thinkinmonkey, I thought the other thread said moved to this one but it said moved to archive.

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Why not closing this thread?
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Originally Posted by benji View Post
Hey polycounters,
I am a recent immigrant to this forum from 4chan's /3/ board - the step up in quality is mind blowing and I hope being surrounded by such greatness will inspire and motivate me

I'm working on a character (my first) and would appreciate some general feedback on the design, proportions, and so on before I begin sculpting

this concept was a paintover of the Joan of Arc reference by the way

Hey Benji, I know this is an older forum but is there any progress or finished piece of your Joan of Arc variation? I would love to see this!
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wrong thread, sorry

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Old (#12342)
Wrong thread.

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Old (#12343)
Another update to my Sci-Fi Server Room environment

Heres some of the things I've added or changed:

- Added color grading
- Added a few key lights
- Textured a couple more props
- Add the smoke / fog particle

Neil Gowland - Senior Environment Artist - Ubisoft Reflections - The Division
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Old (#12344)
Hi everyone,

I've been lurking around on this thread for several days now and I'm amazed at the awesome stuff that's being made here :s. I decided to gather up my courage and start posting my own work in hope of getting some feedback and improving myself

This is the work in progress of a cartoon headbust I'm making; I wanted to try out the Zbrush retopology tool and the whole project kinda got out of hand. Long story short, I normal mapped and textured the thing and I'm now working on morphs so I can animate different expressions.

I'm very aware of the non baked part under his neck, I'm removing that later and adding a shirt. It's presented with xoliul shader with a standard light and I'm at 1800 tris. Any feedback, hints or tips would be greatly appreciated .


update: just noticed i posted this in the wrong thread. Apologies!

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Old (#12345)
Here's some Hi Res renders straight from UDK to give you guys more details. The whole map + package weights 24 Mo. I focused a lot on the optimisation. I might create a threat showing the making if people are interested.

Here's a link to a youtube video for those who did'nt see:


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only missed it by 2 years
Dane N.
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Woops. Wrong thread

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