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Hello everybody.

Everything posted here, is up for crits. Any tips or opinions will be rewarded greatly. Will try to at least periodically keep this up to date.



Reffed sketches

Dr. Sketchy's life drawing and traditional life drawing


Some concepts I did for our FMP.


I felt like starting my venture into 3D with a hat for TF2, so I went for a sharky riot helmet thing (which I've since decided I want to make into some kind of Aqua Pack).

I did a concept, tried to make it in zBrush, made a real hash of it, exported and re-topologised it, then spent ages fixing all the problems I had made for myself.

So yeah, that is where I'm at so far. I need to change the size of the helmet and give a bit more curvature on the visor before I give UVing a go, because I don't like the way it looks from the front.

I also need to reduce the poly count on it.

If anyone could point where I'm going wrong along the way, let me know

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Pretty awesome stuff man, your 2d stuff is really well done and the shark hat is coming along, there looks like some places you could clean up, you could probably leave the indentations on the visor of the helmet to texture. All in all I like your stuff
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Nice! I like your sketches
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Yeah I agree! Your drawings are so good!
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great start on the hat, you could cleanalot of polys though. at the joint of the visor with the three grooves you could replicate via texture instead.
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gillmeister74 & Mr Lux - I went back and reduced the polycount, cut off about 600 polys lol, and I can almost definitely lose more (I realised this when I started the LODs). I have been gauging ideal count by decompiling other hats, so I felt ok with the less than 1600 mark, but on the Workshop page they say preferably 1000. So yeah, might cut a few more and strip it down if/when I come back to it.

Alismuffin & Callesw - Thanks guys!

So yeah, here you go. Mostly finished Sharkhelm.

I'll do a pretty layout at some point , you know one of those official looking posters that all the big boys and girls are doing.

I've started modeling Neptune's Judgement (below).

I'm going to find some jigglebone tutorials, preferably for maya.
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very cool sketches
also the shark helmet looks awesome
such a cool idea
keep posting
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altasa & Tokusei - Thanks guys. Appreciate it.

Here's a ref study I finished up in the week.

Few bits are off, but hey ho.

Been away from the 3D stuff recently, but I'm now back on the TF2 bits, which I'll post some updates for soon.

Also, what are the 'rules' on cross-posting on polycount?

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Lol that is such a cool idea for a helmet. NICE!
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Yoe man thought Id give yeh some loving, stuff's looking great, I do approve sir of the awesome hat and im liking the hair on your last posted study (lighting is nice)

look forward to seeing that trident!!

cheers mate
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xk0be & Rollingman - Thanks guys Trident is still en route, though everything has been held up due to work/life/sleeping. There is a model, chain, etc already. Needs a starfish and some barnacles though, which I'm struggling with.

Think the most recent things I've been doing are another ref study, helping someone do a website, some (I shit you not) drawing from imagination and doing the LODs for this.

Which I will hopefully tie up soon.

Rollingman, where is your sketchbook?

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looking pretty sweet, can't wait to see how the trident comes out.
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Thanks Zeldrak , I did start the trident, but it got benched. May return to it, there was a launcher concept I wanted to do as well.

Mini Dump

Been away a while. Some older bits first.


Now some newer bits.

I had been reading through Eliot Goldfinger's Human Anatomy for Artists, and decided it was a good time to knuckle down and get familiar with it.

Full Length Image Here:

I basically studied each page in the book, and colour coded it all for each bone/muscle, to help reinforce it. There was a lot of repetition, which actually helped a lot.
Can't remember all the names, but I feel like I've got a reasonable map in my head now.

I've now returned to a character project which I started pre-Goldfinger, which I'll start posting updates for. Probably over next few days.
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Back to a project I started last year.

Doing a study of Arby, from Utopia (the Channel 4 series). Here's his jacket.

For ref:

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