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Hey Peeps.

I think its been about 6 years since I have posted on Polycount. Been busy concepting away here at Epic. Anyhoo, with the release of Gears 3 I thought I would post up a sampling of some stuff I did for game. Also added some stuff by my buddy Shane Pierce, the enviro concept guy here.

To see other Gears 3 stuff check my blog...

Thanks guys.......NOW GET BACK TO WORK!

Shane Pierce is the enviro concept guy at Epic. Here is a sampling of the stuff he did for Gears 3. Check out his blog for more.

All material Copyright ©Epic Games, Inc.

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Man... insane, it's the minimum I can say. I'm a great fan of your concepts, and you still aren't disapointing me.
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All of it is great, but I'm really enjoying the gas barge. It's a god damn alien Hindenburg!
Lucas Annunziata
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Ah Jay, still a favourite of mine.

Any personal art from you these days?
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My eyes..I can't blink anymore ><
awesome work!
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Thanks for posting. Top notch work from Epic as usual.
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brilliant work. love all of it. big fan of Gears of War !
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Wow, thats some inspiring work!
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Thanks for your donation to my inspiration folder
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Awesome work per usual Jay!!! Love it!

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amazing work man, you're work is so insane, I love how along with your 2d concept art, you actually create highres meshes to really help your artists in realising the piece ingame. keep posting ;)
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God. Those are amazing! The Gas Barges are so beautiful against the sky. Thanks for putting up Shane's work as well.
Twitter: @davidtschultz
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Absolutely stunning works. Thanks for sharing

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Kick ass as usual Jay!

- BoBo
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BOBO! thanks man. Its been a long time! EFII FTW!
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damnit i wanna model something of that stuff

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Nice work JayHawk! Great game too, I've been playing it for "work"/"research".
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The artwork just kept getting better and better as I scrolled down. Awesome work.
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awesome concepts guys, keep on inspiring !
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I bought the strategy guide for Gears 1 soley for the art book (didn't even have a 360 at the time). the art that goes into these games is just, well it's Epic alright
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Awesome. Glad to see you posting work again!

I was Sectaurs
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Very lovely dude. Gears comming out with that art book anytime soon?

Currently working at Gearbox Software
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Awesome stuff
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Really Epic!
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Gas barge is the coolest thing ever.
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