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Chaos Knight wep wrapped up and submitted, I feel as though this one really made me work each step of the way. Reworks on the base mesh, holes in my highpoly from the mudbox retopo that i didn't notice until it was way to late, much time spent reworking the texture in photoshop after the initial mudbox paint didn't really match the characters style in game. Glad i stuck with it though.

No video tutorial tonight but ill make one tomorrow on something thats easy to backtrack on, most likely skinning and importing. In the meantime i recorded some quick in game footage to show the particles and glows in action.

Edit: Added DoubleLeafs concept timelaps

Shadow Brand by Lennyagony and DoubleLeaf

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First one up, a blade fit for an immortal king!
Bounchfx, nicely done!

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