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Thanks, Guys! I appreciate all feedback! I'm hearing you guys on the lava gauntlet, and I'm thinking that I'll have to play with it a little more. Before I started texturing today, I'd reduced the size on the top of it by about 15-20%.

@D-TiMeR, the Maiden's Ice gauntlet is actually two pieces. One for the forearm slot, and one for the shoulder slot.

So, yeah. I did some poly-painting today. I'd started preparations today when I noticed that I didn't do anything for the neck slot! So, I jury-rigged something. I didn't change much because I didn't want to mess with the unconscious diamond motif that Lina had going for her. Though, I'm kinda wondering if I should even do anything with the neck slot at all...

I'm gonna take a quick break and then take a shot at the Maiden.

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