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First is first

@ Computron: We'll try our best to make that happen!

@ Bobo: Thanks mister! I appreciate that

@ Xeramon: Thank you! I still have to keep working on the creature study in 2D. Anyways, the modeler already started

@ Supdnik: Yaaay thanks!!

@ $!nz: I already played with the beak to don't make it look like a regular bird... the idea is to avoid the demonic looking because of the natura of the character riding him, a Radiant. Anyways you can be badass AND be one of the good guys... that's the challenge! Thanks!

@ Mark.N: Thanks man!

@ Xeramon: Damn I'm getting depressed... let me play a bit around with the creature after sending him to the 3D factory :P I want to make sure everything it's working on him as well as giving a real good concept and reference for the 3D artist, for me, it's a must Cheers!

@ AimBiZ: Thanks for the kind words!!

@ Lennyagony: Thank you!

@ Mike.j.c.: Glad you dig!

@ shrew81: Agree! I played a lot with that, thanks a lot!

I was supossed to have more time starting yesterday to be full time for this, but seems like it will be next Monday

Anyways I'll keep this updated everyday (:

There we go with a Wip of the sheet, we'd like to share all the process either final stuff or not.

I'm actually working on the final shapes of the character. I'd like to give to Soldeus (my 3D mate on this adventure) as I said before a really well defined concept/sheet and references to work with.

Finally I decided going for a more agressive feeling for the feathers. It haves advantages everywhere: it fits better with an electrical creature, we can save polys, we set it appart for most birds out there, gives to it a more speedy feeling...

About the beak, the way the bottom part it blends it's more original in my opinion and, like the spike feathers, it set him appart from a common bird.

I made sure the spikes are sepparated enough to avoid any clipping issues with the body or the legs when he moves the head, and also that brings him so kind of lion looking wich I really like, it fits for a creature created by a god.

And still not the best presentation, the lore it's not finished.. Looks like hunting Rampant it's taking to Disruptor more than expected! I hope he gets it soon!

Cheers and thanks for stoppin' by here!

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