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Goin' with the British Safari Hunter, Sniper. I'm worried about available texture space for the shoulders and bracers since I'm not just mirroring each piece.

Just finished the block out for all my armor pieces. Almost all the the pieces are sitting either right at the LoD1 limit or just a little bit above it. So far so good. I'm planning on rigging these pieces up tomorrow and putting them in game just to see how they look and feel.

I'm still doing tweaking on the textures and specularity but I wanted to get this posted.

Moving onto the back piece soon.

The cape isn't gonna break any new ground. Its simple and I think it plays well the the other pieces I have designed. It does feel a little fancier if anything.

One thing I've been trying to keep in mind while designing my pieces is how well it will play with other items not from my set. For instance, how bad will the shoulder pad from my set clip with the default cape? I'm trying to keep those design ideas in the back of my head when creating these items.

Shoulders almost done....Still working on a little dirt detail.

Finishing up Arms.

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